Many people think that gift certificates make for a perfect present. They are a way to show someone you care while allowing them to choose a gift that they really love. For those hard-to-buy-for loved ones, they are a truly great gift.

This sentiment is backed up by research, which tells us that demand for gift certificates is high. In fact, one recent study found that 84% of consumers have purchased a gift card at some point in their lives. It also showed that it’s a popular present across all age groups.

For all of these reasons, designing gift certificates for your customers is a great idea. But choosing a design that is both functional and fashionable can be tricky. If you’d like to learn about what makes a gift certificate great, read on to find out.

1. Make Sure to Include Important Information

When you’re designing a gift certificate, there are few pieces of vital information you will need to include. For example, it is essential to include the name of your business and the amount the gift card is for. It is also a good idea to include a space for the purchaser to write the recipient’s name and if possible a message.

2. But Don’t Make It Too Busy

While there are certain things you do need to include, you should avoid adding in too much extraneous information or details. If you add in too much text, you will make the card appear cluttered and too busy. Stick to the basics and keep things clean and simple.

3. Incorporate Your Signature Colors

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If you’re only designing one type of gift certificate, it can be a good idea to incorporate colors that work well with your branding. This doesn’t mean that the entire card has to be in your colors. You can use them as subtle accents, or for the envelope, if you are using one.

4. Try Different Themes

If you’re making more than one type of gift certificate, it can be a nice idea to have themes for different occasions. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, and new babies are all great ideas. Giving the certificates a stated purpose can add an extra incentive for potential customers to choose your gift certificates over others.

5. Take Inspiration From Existing Designs

If you are stuck for gift certificate design ideas, why not peruse the designs of gift certificates offered by businesses you admire? You don’t want to outright copy their ideas, but they can serve as inspiration. If this tactic doesn’t work, you can also use gift certificate templates.

Designing Gift Certificates Your Customers Will Love

With so many options available and choices to make, designing gift certificates can be tricky—but it doesn’t have to be. Follow the tips above, and you won’t go too far wrong. If you’ve enjoyed this guide, don’t forget to check out the rest of our content.


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