In the U.K., GamStop is a scheme that allows you to block or seclude yourself from accessing gambling sites. Therefore, non-GamStop gambling sites are those sites that haven’t registered with Gamstop, which means they are not part of the access block scheme and are therefore not bound by its rules.

If you’re a gambling enthusiast and are thinking of gambling online but have signed up with the self-exclusion scheme (GamStop), there are plenty of Non-GamStop gambling sites you can take advantage of, like Golden axe casino

Although these non-GamStop gambling sites might not be subject to the same regulations and player protections as other UK-based online gambling sites, there are still ways to stay safe and responsible when using them. Below are five tips for Non-GamStop gambling:

  1. Do your due diligence.

Using a reputable and trustworthy Non-GamStop gambling site is a good idea to avoid betting irresponsibly and getting scammed. So, the first step is to pursue thorough research before signing up. 

Always begin by reading reviews of players who have used the gambling site online. If the reviews are good, it’s a good Non GamStop gambling site. If it’s filled with bad reviews, avoid it.

Also, check whether the Non GamStop is licensed. Reputable and trustworthy Non-GamStop gambling sites display a badge or logo from their licensing authority on their homepage, terms and conditions page, or the site’s footer. Check if the badge or logo is available and click on it to ascertain that it’s legit and up to date.

Check out the licensing authority’s website if the badge or logo is unavailable on the site. The Gambling Commission is responsible for licensing and regulating gambling sites in the United Kingdom. So, ensure that you visit the Gambling Commission’s website and use the search function to find out if the Non-GamStop gambling site you intend to use is available on the Commission’s database.

If you have any doubts or concerns, finding another Non-GamStop gambling site is better.

  1. Gamble on a budget

Setting a budget can help you stay safe and responsible when using Non-GamStop gambling sites. You want to begin by deciding how much money you want to spend or can afford to lose and remain within that bracket. Use an e-wallet or a prepaid card to fund your gambling account. These payment methods will help you to control your spending.

  1. Take advantage of responsible gambling tools.

Most gamblers are unaware that Non-GamStop gambling sites provide users with responsible gambling tools, such as time limits, self-exclusion options, and deposit limits. Reliable gambling sites offer these tools, which help players control their gambling and avoid unnecessary losses. So, always be sure to take advantage of these tools.

  1. Avoid chasing losses

It’s normal to lose when gambling. When gamblers lose, they are tempted to keep gambling to win back what they’ve lost. This path is dangerous and can result in addiction and massive financial losses. If you’re losing more than you budgeted, taking a break and stepping away from the gambling site is a good idea.

  1. Beware of signs of bad gambling habits.

Whether you’re using a Non-GamStop site or not, it’s possible to develop a problem with gambling. Beware of the signs of problem gambling, such as betting more than you budgeted for or can afford, neglecting other responsibilities, or lying to loved ones about your gambling. If you suspect you may have a problem, seek help from a professional organization such as GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous.


Non-GamStop gambling can be a safe and enjoyable way to gamble online, as long as you take the necessary precautions and stay responsible. By researching, setting a budget, using reliable gambling tools, avoiding chasing losses, and staying alert for signs of bad gambling habits, you can enjoy the excitement of online gambling without putting yourself at risk.