Herbs and spices might be among the most costly products you could buy at the supermarket. Using herbs and spices may transform an average meal into something more nutritious and authentic, yet a tiny container can be expensive. But don’t worry, as you do not need to compromise flavor to cut costs.

You’ve probably learned that you’re supposed to change your spices and herbs once a year. And you might be wondering whether that is essential because you may think it just sounds excessive and costly. Well, the truth is yes, it is a recommended practice. However, preserving your herbs and spices good and fresh does not necessarily need to be pricey or wasteful.

So, here’s how you make the most of your spice and herb purchases.

1. Avoid Buying Rarely Used Herbs and Spices Excessively

Buy the least amount of herbs and spices you think you’ll only use once or twice a year. Organic products, like many other packed and bottled goods at the supermarket, are available in various quantities. 

However, unlike other products you use daily, spices and herbs lose their freshness after a time. If you do not intend to use certain herbs and spices regularly, it is best to purchase a lesser amount.

2. Purchase Regularly Used Herbs and Spices in Quantity

Contrary to the previous tip, purchasing herbs and spices, which you usually use in extra amounts, is a great way to cut costs. 

Wholesale price suppliers offer herbs and spices online through several online platforms. This way, you may skip the traditional routine of going to the supermarket and order exotic herbs and spices online instead, which are just a few clicks away. Buying in bulk and restocking your jars and other containers at home could help you save a lot.

3. Thoroughly Store Your Herbs and Spices

Like common goods, herbs and spices do have an expiration. Whole spices may be stored for approximately four years, whereas ground spices might lose their potency after one to two years. By preserving, whether freezing or drying, you can retain their freshness- similar to how you do with food leftovers or other goods- and extend their shelf life.

4. Create Your Personal Herb and Spice Mixes

Making your own spice mixes is a smart method that would save costs when purchasing herbs and spices. Creating homemade blends gives you complete control and choice over the quantity, freshness, flavor, and overall quality. There are numerous ideas and recipes available on the internet, or you may get imaginative and experiment on your own.

5. Maintain a List of Your Purchases

Making a checklist of your online herbs and spices purchases might assist you in saving money. Your list will inform you about what you need and don’t need to get.


Trying to keep spice and herb storage filled may be costly. And if you are just thinking of starting or beginning from scratch, be prepared to spend a few extra bucks or more on the essentials. Not to mention,  stocking your pantry with unique blends might cost you quite a bit. For this reason, making the most out of your purchased items is essential. Check out the pantry items in Australia that you can even order online and delivered.

With these mentioned tips, you can assemble a well-stocked cupboard packed with various herbs and spices you like.