Summers are all about comfort, casual, and laid-back looks. Whether it is polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, or jog pants, the highlighting aspect of summer fashion is that it makes you look presentable while allowing you to stay cool, calm, and comfy. When it comes to the latest trends in menswear, men’s jog pants deserve a special mention. They are a combination of regular pants and sweatpants and can be dressed up or down, as per the look you’re going for.

Commonly, jog pants are worn for exercising. The flexible and pliable material makes it an ideal choice for working out, jogging and even hiking. However, nowadays, jog pants are not only limited to athletic appeal but have become a thing in casual street fashion as well and are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. One of the many things that make owning a pair of jog pants worth it is their versatility and the fact that they can be styled in a number of ways. In this blog, we have compiled 5 tips to help you style jog pants in the most fashionable manner.

1-  For an Athletic Look

Wondering, what is your best bet for an athletic and sleek look? Style grey jog pants with an undershirt with a medium-dip-v-neck and minimalist sneakers with sufficient ankle appearance. For a more easygoing attire, pair up grey jog pants with a good quality relaxed fit cotton crew neck shirt and a linen sport coat. Moreover, you can also couple dark grey jog pants that fit around the ankle and calf with either white trainers or sneakers with an oversized shirt for a cool street style. It’s important to mention that since grey is a neutral color and will not clash with other colors, you have more room to experiment with different shades while choosing shirts, footwear, and accessories.

2- Monochrome All the Way

For guys who want to keep it both functional and stylish, an all-black outfit with black jog pants and a fitted black t-shirt, bomber jacket, and black sneakers with white outsoles for contrast is trendy and can be achieved with minimal effort. Adaptability is what makes black jog pants a popular choice among men when it comes to smart-casual summer fashion as they are easy to pull off, have a sleek appeal, and can be conveniently dressed up or down to match the occasion.

3- A Dapper’s Pick

Whether it’s function or fashion, level up your vibe with cargo jog pants for a dapper look. Brown jog pants with a black jogging t-shirt and black shoes essentially complement your look and make you stand out from the crowd. Accessorize your khaki or brown jog pants with slip-on shoes, a chest bag, and black sunglasses for an elevated look. As one of the most timeless jog pants outfits, you can style your khaki joggers with a white button-down shirt and neat white sneakers.

4- Classic Combinations

To pull off a casual look effortlessly, wear jog pants with a t-shirt and transform your style from basic to modish by adding layers like a track jacket or denim outerwear. If you want to style statement fashion jog pants featuring trendy designs and textures, these combinations will help you create vibrant and well-crafted outfits. Similarly, you can also style jog pants the other way round by pairing up basic jog pants with bold t-shirts in bold colors and patterns. Read also: wpit18

5- All Things Denim

Denim jackets and jog pants are an iconic combination when it comes to casual fashion. In addition, the contrasting textures add an edge for a lively appeal. A jean jacket, a slim-fit t-shirt, and light-colored jog pants are everything that you need to rock your summer look. For a more rugged look, wear an untucked shirt with a denim jacket with neutral-colored jog pants.

All in all, jog pants are inarguably one of the most practical pieces of clothing that can be styled in versatile ways, meeting both your fashion and comfort needs. If you want to buy men’s jogger pants online in Pakistan, do check out FHS official for the latest styles.