The division and isolation among adults in America are very real. Recent surveys revealed that about half (49%) of Americans have less than 3 close friends.

The stressful and uncertain atmosphere of 2023 isn’t helping to improve those numbers.

Even if you don’t have a lot of friends, don’t let that stop you from living life. You can still enjoy things you love. Going to concerts alone, for instance, can feel intimidating but it’s worth it!

If you can conquer your fear, then you’ll enjoy not only some music and fun, but you could even find new friends, too! Not sure how to enjoy a solo concert? Read on for our best tips.

1. Know the Venue

If you plan on going to a concert alone, then step one is getting to know the venue. The worst thing you could do is fail to research the concert venue until the day you arrive.

Remember, when you get there, there will be hundreds (or thousands) of concert goers around. If you’re not comfortable with the area, then you might get overwhelmed fast.

That won’t make for a good time.

Another pro tip is to get your concert ticket in advance. That way, you can avoid the long ticket queues and head straight for the entryway. You can usually find Tickets On Sale for various concerts online.

2. Make Your Safety a Priority

Next, make your safety a priority. Since you’re going alone, don’t make the mistake of getting too intoxicated. Stay aware of your surroundings and be vigilant.

Don’t make yourself an easy target by looking distressed or not paying attention.

3. Meet and Greet

Since everyone at the concert has shared interests, it might be a great place to meet people! If you’re interested in finding friends, then don’t be shy.

Start talking to other concert goers. Hang out by the bar. Show your extroverted side, reveal your passion for the band, and you may find a new friend.

4. Rock Out to Your Favorite Band

A concert tour has one main goal: to share a band’s music with the world!

With that in mind, don’t attend a concert without rocking out to your favorite band. Be sure to enjoy yourself, listen to the music, dance, and be free.

5. Share Your Experience

While at the concert, don’t forget to take a few selfies and maybe a video or two. Why? You can still share your experience with your friends on social media or through text.

Make Going to Concerts Alone Trendy

Going to concerts alone can feel scary. What you may not know, though, is that concerts are a great ice breaker! You may meet your next best friend while attending the concert of your favorite music artist.

Even if you don’t meet anyone, you can still relax, unwind, and really enjoy yourself. Let go, and let yourself live!

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