The new Mexican Landscape with a lot of events is waiting for your arrival. Here are the five tips and tricks every person wished they knew before initiating Forza Horizon 5 and making their experience amazing with this best VR racing game.

Unlock story missions:

The goal for every car enthusiast is to reach the top in the Hall of Fame. To reach the highest you need to gain accolade points.  Accolade points help you unlock story missions which are awarded for finishing any of the tasks like purchasing a car at auction, unlocking new festivals or other tasks displayed in the game’s accolades menu. Accolades seem to disappear so rapidly if you are ignoring them. Though you will be able to claim rewards that you unlocked. To get the rewards, tap on the start menu then select every individual accolade and claim the reward. Woohoo!

Enable drone mode for searching barns:  

To find out the secret cars called as Barn Finds is the trickiest thing if you are unable to discover it in the purple zone. Luckily, Forza Horizon 5 brings you up with the exciting feature of drone mode. Enabling the drone mode can help you fly freely within the map. Drone cam will help you in exploring the more complicated areas that are too tangled and may be hiding something of major accolade value. To activate the drone mode, head into the main menu and scroll down to the creative hub and choose drone mode.

Perks of investing in properties:

Look at what’s available and invest in the Player Houses that you think will be beneficial for you. For instance, Casa Bella Villa is a bonus given to you at the start of the game which helps you unlock skill songs which double the points. Lugar Tranquilo House unlocks Horizon Promo. This perk includes taking snaps of each car in the festival. La Casa Solariega unlocks double Forzathon points. Hotel Castillo which unlocks daily free wheelspin. And the highly recommended Buenas Vistas Property unlocks the ability to fast travel.

Learn how to drift:

One of the difficult things’ players find in Forza Horizon 5 is drifting. There are many cars specifically for drifting however the BAC mono drift car is the best vehicle for drifting among all. This car gets you 3 stars in each Forza Horizon 5 Drift Zones and How to Unlock Them.  There are a lot of ways to learn drifting, but we will bring you up with the simplest and digestible ways. Keep your car at a lower gear, keep your speed at a controllable pace. Firstly, if you are going swiftly, don’t use e-brake much. Lastly, try finishing drift zones without your driving line. 

Rewind tool:

Rewind is a fun tool for stunts and boards; it lets you improve your driving, mainly in taking curves. This feature allows you to attempt ridiculous challenges such as crashing the pylon board as there is no way one can accomplish in his first try. It can also be useful in PR stunts. You just hit the tree? Rewind. Messed up at the danger warning? Rewind. There is no limit in how many you can use.

These are the few tips that might help you in accomplishing your challenges in Forza Horizon 5.