A bungalow is a perfect home for those people who like to have their own space and solitude. Since most bungalows have a garden and often a garage or parking space, it is the ideal home for families with kids. In recent months, people started shifting out from their city-centre flats and moving into bigger homes and bungalows. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people started working from home, which led to an increase in the demand for bigger and better homes. As people started looking at detached properties in the outskirts, the demand for bungalows began to rise. If you’ve been thinking about buying a bungalow for your family, here are the 5 things you need to know about when buying a bungalow.

Space and privacy

If you’re looking for a spacious house where you have ample space and a whole lot of privacy, then a bungalow is perfect for you. Essentially, a bungalow is ideal for families. If you’ve got kids or grandkids, then the bungalow’s garden becomes the perfect area for the children. Everyone gets their own bedroom and their own bathroom, which is always a big plus. Also, since most bungalows have a driveway or a garage, you no longer need to worry about parking and those costly parking fees! So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your home and your lifestyle, then you should start looking at bungalows for sale in Cheltenham.

Affordable in the long run

Compared to their two-storey and three-storey counterparts, bungalows are very affordable! Essentially, bungalows are compact and cosy, which makes them relatively smaller than two-storey houses. This means that the maintenance of the property is a lot easier – no more washing windows on the second floor, no more cleaning choked pipes on the roof and no more stairs to mop! Also, bungalows make good use of vertical space as well as square footage. However, since the space is compact, the HVAC systems in the property work more effectively and efficiently. So, at the end of the day, not only are you paying less for a bungalow, but you’re also paying lower utility bills and maintenance bills. So, in the long run and the short run, bungalows are very affordable.

Scope to modify

Typically, a bungalow is a single storey house with a large veranda. In modern times, bungalows can have two storeys and spacious patios, but the essential definition of a bungalow does not change. One major benefit of buying a bungalow is that you can build on top of it. So, if you wake up one morning and decide that your kids need to have their own floor, you can always build another storey on top of the bungalow. Once the kids move out, you can rent out the second storey and earn some money while sitting at home! You can also convert the roof into a spacious terrace, which is a great place to have Sunday barbeques and winter bonfires.

High demand

Bungalows have a very high resale value. Bungalows are known to increase in value over time, especially if they’re located in up and coming areas. In recent years, the number of bungalows that are being built has reduced significantly. Now, most builders and developers prefer to build either multi-storey homes or residential buildings with multiple flats. So, while the supply of new bungalows might be reducing in the last few years, the demand for bungalows is now on the rise. In the near future, the value of a bungalow will only increase. If you’ve been thinking about buying a property for investment purposes, then a bungalow is a great investment! As the race for space continues due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for bungalows and detached properties will continue to increase.

A great place to start a family

When you’re living in a one-bedroom flat in the centre of the city, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city, listening to the endless sounds of car horns and next-door neighbours, you barely have enough space for yourself and your partner. There is no space for children! However, a bungalow allows you and your future child to enjoy some peace and quiet. Your children can have their own bedrooms, they can play in the garden, they can ride their bikes in the driveway, and they can enjoy playing outside without having to go to a park! If you’ve been thinking about starting a family, then a bungalow is definitely the right place for you.

Another great thing about bungalows is that they have real charm. Those floor to ceiling windows, those French doors that open into the backyard and those spacious verandas with wooden coffee tables really make a bungalow look elegant, modern and homely.