Covid-19 situation and the lockdown have truly tested and laid bare the truth regarding the education system, it cannot be delivered virtually. That is the reality every parent has faced during these testing times. It is literally difficult to teach a kid through a laptop or a specially designed tablet. A physical presence is needed; a kid has to see the person teaching physically in front of him to actually take the teaching process seriously. This is where a parent has to take charge; they are now responsible for creating a consistent environment at home where the kids are continuing the learning process right at home. Even before the pandemic a lot of parents were concerned about learning about home issues. Following are the 5 things that could be implemented to create a learning environment at home.

Encourage independent work

A positive learning atmosphere doesn’t get developed in a short span of time. If the child has been going to school pre-pandemic, he/she will have difficulty adjusting to the learn at home routing, it will take time and effort from both parent and child to be habitual of learning at home. For this, encouragement is crucial. The kid needs to be pushed towards doing the learning and at times free-hand had to be given to make them comfortable (remember to keep an eye on what they are doing without interfering). There will be stuff that needs to be worked on with them so the parents should be able to help out in those cases or provide resources for the solving of hurdles through online resources or a private tutor, this makes the child understand their efforts are being valued and paying off. Encouraging is the key to independent learning.

Fun Learning Activities for Kids You Can Do at Home

Fixed Learning space

The vicinity is an important factor. The kid wouldn’t be able to study in the TV lounge while it runs or the younger siblings are playing noisily in the same room or the parents themselves are being the source of distraction. In school, there is a consistent atmosphere of learning, and distractions are minimal which makes it easier for most of the kids to concentrate. While at home the atmosphere is peaceful but filled with distractions. Therefore, a dedicated space for learning is important.

One-on-one attention

In school, a teacher is present at all times providing a source to focus on. It may not necessarily be one-on-one attention but it is enough for a class to pay attention to the person present right in front of them. At home, this focus is absent. It could be rectified by providing the necessary learning aid by a parent personally or by hiring a private tutor. For this purpose, Ninis Tutor offers home tutor in Lahore for a better learning experience for your child.

Setting goals

A complete free hand cannot be dished out to the children. They must have someone to keep an eye on them continuously, assess their doings and praise their work. Setting goals and completing within the time limit is as important as the learning process itself. A child who doesn’t have a goal to aim for will be slower than the one who has been given a goal. The impact of non-goal oriented learning process would be troublesome in the longer run.

Tips for Creating a Virtual Learning Environment at Home

Consistent time table

Make it a fixed schedule. The aim is to make the kid study; it shouldn’t be a whole day process where a child is trapped in a limbo of studying one subject after another all day long. Diversification of activities keeps the interest level high. Reading extra-curricular books, watching tv, playing a physical game, etc. must be part of the daily cycle