“Bluetooth” is a very familiar term and most probably you all know about its functionality. But still, you are not tech founder, there are many chances come when you lag to use it like completely. No worries, in this write-up we’ve shared some basic but crucial things which you can do with Bluetooth on PC.

Bluetooth is a handy-free technology that lets you listen to music, transfer files, play wireless games, receive or answer calls, and many more. Basically, Bluetooth has three types i.e., classic, Bluetooth single-mode, and Bluetooth dual mode. But for its effective working, you have to make sure that Bluetooth drivers are up-to-date otherwise may face Bluetooth connectivity trouble. Turn on the automatic update option to update outdated drivers on Windows 10. Because drivers are the most significant thing that ensures the overall performance of the system. If your system contains outdated drivers then it reduces the performance of your system. On the contrary, if your system contains the latest and new drivers then your system works impeccably. Let’s move further and know some crucial things that you can do with Bluetooth on the PC.

Play Games Wirelessly via Bluetooth

Bluetooth’s most amazing use is that via Bluetooth we can play games wirelessly. We can connect our Bluetooth console controller with TV, laptop, desktops, and play the game effectively. There are various games that can be played through internet connections but it also needs a lot of good quality internet connections. But do you know there are numerous games available that can be played through Bluetooth with no need for internet connection. To increase the efficiency of players on mobile games most of the players prefer using emulators which have a bigger control pad, good grip, and fast response.

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Transfer files from Phone to PC via Bluetooth

Another most important use of Bluetooth that makes it way better is – lets you share files between your PC and smartphone. Without any trouble or any lengthy procedure, you can easily transfer files within the PC and phone. You just have to turn on the Bluetooth of both devices and pair it with the PC. And here you go Bluetooth connection enabled, now you can easily share files between mobile, tablet, laptop and workstations. Bluetooth also allows you to make a call or answer it.

Link Different Devices to PC

As by time passes, technology is increasing to a wide-level. Now people are using wireless devices rather than wired devices. Keyboard, Mouse, controllers, and more devices that were earlier come in the wired form. Now, all these devices come wirelessly to give a great experience with having Bluetooth features. With this Bluetooth feature, you can connect each wireless device with your PC via turn on the Bluetooth of that device and computer. If you don’t find any cable to share files you can use this method.

Share Files Between Computers

Many users face trouble while transferring files between computers. But there is one important way to share files between computers wirelessly and that is Bluetooth. Two-Bluetooth on paired computers shares files in the same way as Bluetooth on paired mobile and computers do. With Bluetooth, you can effortlessly transfer files between two computers even if they reside on different networks. Bluetooth is a technology that makes a bridge between two devices and works effortlessly, transfers files within few seconds. However, it may take long transferring speed if the size of the file is long. With Bluetooth, you can also listen to songs even if the song is on your smartphone.

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Tether Phone’s Internet Connection to PC

Another most important feature that is so beneficial for everyone especially nowadays is – Bluetooth Tethering. Bluetooth Tethering is the feature that shares your smartphone’s internet connection with your PC. In this lockdown phase when everyone has restricted to go out, most of the people are doing work from home. However, it is not possible everyone has a Wi-Fi connection at their home. So, they have to share their mobile internet connection with the PC for doing work. Via Bluetooth Tethering, you can easily share your mobiles’ internet connection with the PC.

I know many users think that Bluetooth is an old device, but still it the best device which increases productivity. As I mentioned above how drivers affect the performance of our system. So, it is a must  to upgrade drivers when necessary. If you don’t know a great tool to update drivers automatically then no worries. I’m advised you to use the ITL Driver Updater as it is the top-notch driver updater tool and also provides web protection to your system. The above-mentioned are only 5 important functions of Bluetooth but I’m very sure there are numerous other uses of it as well. By using the above-referenced things you can make your PC more relevant.


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