If you rewind a few years, procuring weed was one of the most challenging tasks. You had to take measured steps, engage with not so appropriate people, and visit the darkest alleys with your heartbeat racing to get your “stuff”. Well, things have changed for the better, and finally, cannabis delivery is legal in Canada. Yes, it applies to both medicinal and recreational purposes. 

Cannabis delivery has become a lucrative business and delivery services are growing rapidly. However, not everyone adopts adequate measures to get their delivery service off the ground. The good thing, some of the reliable providers like Dankhub, is doing a commendable job in this aspect. Nevertheless, whenever you intend to buy cannabis online, here are some aspects to consider.

Primary points to be taken into account

Also known as a cannabis dispensary, it deals with all the products related to cannabis. Anyone opting to place an online order must attain the legal age, which in most Canadian states is 21. The law strictly forbids selling cannabis to a person for either medicinal or recreational purposes, who is below the aforementioned age. 

Although you have the luxury of ordering cannabis to your home, you should be aware of an important point if you decide to buy some from the local dispensary. You cannot consume it in a public place; or else you will land in trouble. Lastly, before placing an online order, do verify, if the delivery service has the credentials to do so. To be precise, the supplier must be registered with the city. Now, let us look at the five most important aspects to look at in every online weed delivery vendor.

Quality of the products

Usually, when you visit the website of cannabis delivery, the overwhelming collection of items will make you feel lost. As you can expect, the supplier will mention all the products they deal with are of the highest quality. Now, here lies the catch. Amidst the wide range of selections, finding quality products can be challenging.  No matter, if you are a seasoned weed lover or a new one, by using online delivery, you do not have the convenience of smelling the items. In such cases, reviews matter the most. Positive reviews would help you in getting the edibles, tinctures, or any other form, you prefer.

Inquire about the source of the bud

The quality can make a lot of difference depending on the source. Thus, never forget to check the same. Generally, online vendors should supply the information alongside their items. If you do not find them either avoid it and look elsewhere or inquire about the same. Getting help from an insider can mean a lot, though not everyone can expect to be so lucky. The bottom line, you should select an online dispensary that guarantees fresh products and you will love the experience when you consume it. 

The delivery scenario

Now comes the most imperative point, the delivery procedure. Generally, most of them at present maintain the policy of “same-day delivery”. The additional aspects to consider are the payment procedure, safety packaging, and delivering the product on time. Consider the companies that insist you (the one who ordered) be present when delivering the package. The service providers would verify your identity and take your signatures too. Lastly, look for delivery providers that let you pay in advance, as paying cash to the driver is not a good idea.

Safety protocols

With over a hundred variants of cannabis, you need to know how a specific product will react after you consume it. Many delivery companies attach a lab report that mentions all the relevant details. Depending on the state you reside in, the laws emphasize maintaining the best standard. You may even ask for a certificate of analysis from the delivery company. It would make sure; you are getting the right product that does not pose a risk to your health. 

Reviews and recommendations

Nothing works best than reviews and recommendations. We already touched on this point briefly, and it is the ideal way to identify the top-quality cannabis delivery service. The ones that have the majority of positive reviews cover various aspects. It familiarizes you with the quality of products, the available choices, the behavior of the staff, and so on. Most importantly, these reviews can also let you identify the delivery services that offer discounts or loyalty points on respective orders. 

Undoubtedly, when you find the best cannabis delivery service, you will enjoy the experience as a client. Medical patients in particular would find online delivery services very useful. If you follow the points mentioned here, you should find a reliable online delivery service and continue getting your supplies from them without worries.