For businesses that sell online, the courier service they use is essentially one of the biggest contributing factors to their success or failure. A positive shipping experience is a key to customer satisfaction, and any instances concerning lost parcels, unavailable tracking, or service delays on the part of your chosen courier company are likely to reflect badly on you. Hence, while setting up your online store, you should pay attention to choosing a trusted courier provider such as FlagShip, and given below are five things you should be considering: 

  1. You should consider delivery speed

Delivery speed and time should be your topmost priority while choosing a delivery service, as delivery time essentially impacts your company’s reputation and has an impact on your sales. You can take the help of Fulfillment europe services if you want to expand your business in Europe. In today’s digital world, customers demand the fastest delivery possible, with same-day delivery services increasingly gaining momentum, and individuals subscribing to popular service providers for year-long same-day delivery. If competition is fierce in your industry, faster delivery may indeed be a necessity for your business, and you may even consider charging an extra shipping fee for express delivery.

  1. You should consider tracking and proof of delivery

Providing tracking and proof of delivery and two defining characteristics of a good delivery company, and hence you should be including these in your checklist while choosing one. Customers like to track their parcels and receive updates as to their parcel’s in-transit destinations – while this may seem unnecessary to an onlooker, it is an exciting part of online shopping, and eager customers look forward to it to determine when they will receive their parcel approximately. In addition to that, providing customers with proof of delivery helps you and the courier service avoid any misunderstandings or instances of lost parcels.

  1. You should consider their customer service

Despite it being the courier service’s responsibility to get your products delivered on time, any inconvenience a customer may experience during delivery is held against you. Customers bombard the company inquiring about their parcels and blame the delay on their executives even if it may not be their fault. Hence, while choosing a courier service, be sure to select one with impeccable customer service. The company you choose should be able to provide you with a separate dashboard to track your deliveries and related complaints so that you can play a proactive role in solving problems before they escalate too much.

  1. You should consider insurance

Despite being as careful as they can be, the delivery company you choose may make a mistake and your parcels may turn up damaged at the customer’s doorstep or simply get lost in transit. A good courier company would want to build trust and gain your confidence, and hence provide parcel insurance for your products. While choosing a courier service be sure to select one that offers parcel insurance at an affordable rate, and read the terms and conditions to ensure that your products fall under their insurance coverage.

  1. You should consider the associated cost 

As a business, you need to ensure that all business decisions you make are within your estimated budgets and fit your affordability, and choosing a courier company is no different. If it is the norm in your industry to charge customers for shipping, you may have an idea of the acceptable charge range and need not worry too much about the associated costs. However, if you have to bear the shipping charges, be sure to value the charges of your shipping company with the value that it provides


In conclusion, the above checklist should suffice your requirements for choosing a courier company for your online business. The right courier company will help you grow and extend your business, increase sales, and gain customer confidence.