Air fryers are fairly simple devices and are very easy to use. When tested, it is hard to give them up. And they are small utensils with many advantages. Let’s see some of them here:

Advantages of Using an Air Fryer

Your recipes will be healthier and with fewer calories (reducing up to 80% of fat in food). And, of course, with a finish without excess oil (forget about croquettes or oily potatoes).

Forget about cooking. You will not have to be aware of the fryer so that the food does not burn, since they are programmable machines and with timers.

You will save on oil and energy consumption although they need electricity, they do not consume like an oven.

Everything will be cleaner and more orderly. In the kitchen, you will no longer have the typical oil splashes, while you cook, and you will be able to keep the countertop in perfect condition. In addition, these appliances can be cleaned very easily, much better than a traditional deep fryer.

These are some aspects that you should take into account when buying an air fryer:

Dimensions and size

Will you have enough space to store it or to leave it fixed in a place in your kitchen? Decide where you will place it so you know what size the machine you choose should be. In any case, and in general, they are usually smaller than traditional fryers.


How many are you at home? Do you cook for 2, for 4 or are you a large family? Do you usually have guests? Do not buy a fryer that is too small for you, or one that is too large. Keep in mind that the buckets of the fryers can vary between 1 or 5 liters. To find out what capacity you need, consider that a 3-liter air fryer can cook for about 3 or 4 servings, while a 5-liter one is for 5 or 6 people.


A small air fryer works with a motor that is responsible for circulating the hot air throughout the container. It is always better that it has enough power, for better cooking in less time.


Most of them allow frying, cooking, roasting, and baking. But they can also have other very practical functions, such as the auto-off, the timer, the adjustable temperature, or the system against overheating.

Spare parts and warranty

Check that the brand of your fryer is reliable and that it responds to breakdowns. Verify, therefore, that they have after-sales service.

Another factor that you should take into account is that the fryer you choose must have instructions or a recipe book in your language. This will help you a lot, especially to know how long you should allow cooking each type of food. Remember that Air fryers take a little longer than conventional ones. For this reason, the best and most advisable thing —and also the most comfortable thing for you— is that you look at the recommended cooking times since depending on the food and the type of cooking you choose, the times will vary.

Now it’s time to buy a small air fryer. With it, you will be able to continue savoring traditional dishes, but much healthier, and, in addition, you will finally ensure that your fried dishes are not oily.