It’s 2022, my friends, and technology has gone too far. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 5G networks, and all kinds of things make our planet an entirely different place to live in than in the previous century.

Aside from these huge technological breakthroughs, somewhere in the back of popular inventions, you’ll find those items that no one seems to know, but they are so valuable. Most people are not aware that these things even exist, so you’ll want them now after reading the content below.

Here’s a list of five items that you most probably didn’t know existed but are so cool that you’ll immediately start searching for them on the internet. Take a look at these spectacular gadgets and find the best deals if you like some of them.

1. Remote controller for everything in your home

How many times did you lose your TV remote controller today? It seems like these items possess some magical powers and are capable of wandering off the second you turn the other side on the couch. The same goes for your AC and all the other items in your home.

You might say that there’s a solution for that, and it’s called a smartphone. Sure, it’s a great idea, but not all smartphones support all the appliances and devices around your home. These giant all-inclusive remotes will easily connect to anything you own in your home. This is the one remote to rule them all that is precious, and you must have.

2. Cordless rechargeable lamp

It’s unexplainable why 99,9% of all the lamps for sale are corded. Sure, they go on the night table or somewhere else, and you’re not moving them from one place to another, but what if you need to, and what if you want to take them with you on your camping trip? There’s no logic in that.

Someone else had this problem, and they invented the cordless rechargeable lamp. These lamps have batteries instead of cords, and they are charged just like your smartphone is. It takes around 5-10 hours to be fully charged, and you can use them for days.

With these lamps, you don’t have to worry if you need to go to another room, read outside in the yard, or your wife kicks you out, and you need to sleep in the car. There’s no cord, so you’re covered to spend the night with light next to you.

3. Leather cutting machine for your home

A specialized device that cuts through leather, wood, and other materials exists, but you’ve been struggling with the kitchen knife and other useless machines to go through the excessive part of the sofa that makes you insane, and you want it removed.

Girls trying to design their own clothes made of worn-out pieces will love this one. It is called a Cricut Machine and easily goes through most fabrics we use for clothing. You’ll be a professional designer and tailor with this little fellow, small enough to get the job done and big enough to help you in crucial moments.

4. Smart mug that controls the temperature of your coffee

Smart mugs controlled through the internet are amazing. It’s a wonder why they haven’t become more popular and available in every office. These mugs are connected through the internet to your smartphone. A unique app that controls it will allow you to set the temperature of your mug and keep it on the same level constantly.

It is the same for any drink, not just your coffee or tea. Say you want to drink an iced coffee or a soda. Pour it inside, set the temperature to ice-cold, and the inside of the mug will start cooling off the liquid. You’ll always have the perfect temperature. Less “serve at room temperature” and more “tell me the exact temperature perfect for your drink.”

5. Tool that sucks the venom from bug bites

The most annoying thing in the world is a mosquito bite. One bite, and you’ll be scratching for at least three days unless you get the item that sucks the venom off the spot where you got bitten.

This amazing gadget works for various kinds of insect bites, and not just mosquitoes. It sucks the saliva and the venom from under your skin, making the place healthy again. It immediately stops itching, and after a day or two, the mark of the bite will be completely gone.


Which one are you getting first? You’ll probably say the venom sucker since it’s the most useful item on the list, but you might want something else. The Wi-Fi-controlled mug is also cool, and the leather cutter can be highly useful. Think about what seems like the best idea, and if you can’t decide, get them all. They come at affordable prices, so don’t worry about it.