At trade shows the purpose is to create connections and leave lasting impressions on those that you meet. There are a lot of things that you can do to create these relationships such as having an enticing booth with backlit trade show displays and having items or activities that bring more foot traffic your way. Honestly the more people you talk to the more business that you are likely to receive. As you converse with potential consumers, giving them something to remind them of your business is a great way to have them thinking about what you offer after the trade show. 

Portable Phone Charge

Business professionals are known for traveling and being on the go often so something that they would likely use is a portable charger for their phone. This is handy when they are on a plane, in the airport, at a conference and are needing a charge because their phones are essential while traveling. 

Seasonal Items

Depending on the time of year you could give them items that you know they will use soon and often once they return home. If it is winter time, scarves or beanies with a small logo on it are something that would be used regularly. If it is springtime, an umbrella would be a good choice as it is the rainy season. For the summer time a few things that would be good could be sunglasses or blow up beach balls with your logo on them. Items that you know would be used are always a good choice. 

Portable Mug

Many people love reusing portable items such as coffee mugs or cups that also keep their drinks hot or cold for an extended period of time. They use these at home to preserve the temperature of their drinks while they are working but consumers also use them on the go. Go through any drink place and if you hand them a portable mug and/or cup they will put your drink in it and it also helps to eliminate waste. 

Notebook and Pen

A place to jot down ideas and contact information is very useful while also ensuring you have a pen to do so. Giving a notebook and pen that both have your logo on it is an item that they are likely to use and often at that. People are looking for notebooks and pens consistently because pens are always going bad. This is something that everytime the consumer uses it they would see your logo and be reminded. 

Laptop Travel Case

Most people, especially those who are going to conferences are going to have a laptop. It is something that they take with them everywhere they go and also want to keep it protected because it holds a lot of information. This means that they all need travel cases for their laptops. If you give away laptop cases with your logo on it they are going to see it often and use it often. Even if they already have one who doesn’t want an extra just in case. 

What Swag will you Take?

Next time your business heads to a conference what will you take to give to the consumers that come through your booth? You want them to remember you and eventually to use the services or goods that you provide. The more people you talk to that you leave an impression on means more business which is always the end goal.