Social games exist to keep us entertained when bored at home. Before video games were ever a thing, we used to play games such as Monopoly, card games, chess, etc. But as time goes on, social game companies made new and better games. While Monopoly is still the king of board games, other fun ones exist that don’t cost hundreds of dollars. So when you’re bored at home with friends, here are the X social games to give a try.

Cards Against Humanity

No doubt most of you have heard about Cards Against Humanity. This particular social game is very popular and offers a lot of fun. The way you play Cards Against Humanity is simple. You’re supposed to lay down a card that makes the most, or least, sense to the card laid down.

For example, one player might lay down a card that reads: “Honey, Mommy, and Daddy love you very much. But apparently, Mommy loves…” The other players then put down cards to finish the sentence. The goal is to put down the card that makes the group laugh the most. Bear in mind, Cards Against Humanity is an adult-only game. So expect to read some pretty naughty cards. Kids can still play it, but the game is aimed at adults.

While Cards Against Humanity started as a social game, the company has recently launched an online version.

Pick A Number

Pick A Number isn’t one game but involves plenty of games that are all different and have different rules. When you Google this game, you will be given a host of different games that might or might not appeal to you. But that doesn’t mean Pick A Number games aren’t fun and don’t offer hours of entertainment when bored at home with friends.

The way you play Pick A Number is by deciding on a series of questions, such as “Have you ever,” ” Do you,” or “What’s your.” The players then decide on the number of answers, such as up to 10, up to 20, or up to 30. Each player writes a follow-up question and attaches a number to it. If your group is going with “Have you ever,” each player has to come up with a follow-up question that makes sense to that particular question. An example would be, Have you ever – Kissed someone.

This game is quite basic but quite fun. You can play the game with any number of players – the more, the merrier. If you’re having difficulties finding a game, check out this Pick A Number Game.

Trivia Games

Trivia games are always fun. They’re social games that can get quite competitive. Most trivia games come with a point system. The more trivia you answer correctly, the more you’re winning. So you can imagine how competitive game night can be.

There are tons of trivia games out there. And we’re talking about social, board games. There are specific trivia games that go with a specific theme, such as 90s pop, movies, geography, etc. Simply said, there are thousands of topics to go for. All you need to do to make game night with your friends more fun is to invite as many friends as you can to ante up the stakes.

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme is one of the most popular social games out there. It works similarly to Cards Against Humanity, in a sense that one player lays down a card that reads a particular statement, such as “Jessia rollin’ up to her birthday party like…”

The other players are supposed to lay down a card that best describes what Jessica is doing. The game is essentially full of memes that make it even more fun. It’s a party game that can be the life of the party. What Do You Meme comes in a few topics. These include topics such as: party, family, outdoor, relationship, and drinking. Each of these is made out of different cards and different memes.

Gallon Milk Game

This isn’t a board game, but a social game that challenges players to do the impossible – drink a gallon of milk in under an hour. The thing with this game is that it is proven scientifically that our bodies cannot drink a gallon of milk in under an hour. Well, not at least without throwing up. So the idea is simple, come up with a game around this game when every time the opponent loses, they have to drink a glass of milk.

Think of this game like a drinking game, only this time players are drinking milk. You can come up with all kinds of games to make it more fun. Maybe combine this game with the Pick A Number game where you ask your opponent a question. If they answer it incorrectly or fail to do a challenge, they have to drink a glass of milk.

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