In present time, it is not possible for everyone to get a big house or a bungalow. The size of house can be smaller or bigger but the design and decoration also play an important role. With help of some cool space saving ideas for tine homes, you can make the most out of the space available in your bedroom, kids room, living room and kitchen.

Your home is incomplete without furniture, so you have to add the necessary things in it. However, you should choose the furniture equipment that fulfill your needs still save space to make your home look spacious even after furniture is installed. Such space saving things include best bunk beds for kids, folding desk & chairs, foldable dining table and many others. Louvre Doors is also one of the best ideas that saves your space and also looks attractive in your home.

5 Smart Space Saving Ideas for Tiny Homes

The small homes appear smaller when you design it wrongly. For example: If you install large storage cabinets and a double bed in a small room, you will hardly get some space for other stuff. Therefore you need to design your tiny home smartly to add everything you need and still have enough space for walking and other stuff. Here we provide some cool space saving ideas for tiny homes that you can use to customize your home.

  1. Drawers Under Stairs
  2. Behind the Door Rack
  3. Bunk Beds for Kids
  4. In-Wall Storage
  5. Foldable Table & Chairs

Let us discuss each of the above cool space saving ideas in brief to help you understand how to customize your tiny home.

#1. Drawers Under Stairs:

You need drawers and cabinets for storage of important files, books, documents, stationary stuff and other things. With a small home, you may not have enough storage options in your bedroom or living room. Therefore we suggest you to don’t buy a storage equipment that takes up plenty of space and make your room look much smaller. Instead of buying a cabinet or closet, you should make drawers under stairs.

In order to access the things at a high height, you need stairs. In case you have a two story home then you must have stairs to access to top floor. You should add drawers under each step of stairs to get plenty of storage without occupying extra space in your room. So, you can store all your stuff in those drawers and close them to keep the staircase usable for your family.

#2. Behind the Door Rack:

The home built in limited square feet often have tiny rooms and small kitchen. Your towels, undies and personal care items need a safe storage away from direct sunlight. You may have not noticed but the space behind the doors are very useful. You can buy a rack and hang the same behind the door for using as a storage. The best thing about this idea is that the rack will always remain hidden behind the door and the direct sunlight will never affect it.

#3. Bunk Beds for Kids:

The regular beds take up so much space still provide sleeping for only one person. On the other hand, a bunk bed can accommodate up to two kids at once still takes up floor space of only one bed. You should see the best bunk beds of 2021 available for sale to find out a suitable twin over twin bunk or twin over full bunk bed for your family. You can place the bunk bed in your kids’ bedroom so that two kids can sleep together still get their privacy when sleeping.

The king size bunk beds are available in various designs to meet needs of different customers. Some bunk beds come with a separable design, it means you can use them as a bunk bed and also as two separate beds as per your needs time to time. If you want a bed for three kids then you should buy a triple bunk bed to provide comfortable sleeping beds to three kids in one small room.

#4. In-Wall Storage:

The clothes wardrobe closet, storage cabinets and study/work desk with drawers are really good storage options when you have enough space. But with a small room and tiny home, you should try to save the space as much as possible. For that, you can arrange in-wall storage option i.e. install wood or metal shelves on an empty wall. It can give you a lot of storage space without taking up a large floor space like other furniture.

In addition to storage shelves, you can also mount your mirror, television and other stuff into the front wall of your room. The wall mounted TV looks more stylish than a TV in a wood cabinet. When mounting the mirror in the wall, you can create a storage cabinet behind the mirror and use the mirror as a door. It can be a secret storage for your family and will surprise people when they see it first time.

#5. Foldable Table & Chairs:

The table and chairs are necessary for your family, it can be a dining table or study table. The regular table comes in standalone design and the chairs also take up the floor space. Instead of buying any space eater furniture, we recommend you to buy a set of foldable table and chairs which you can use as per your needs. You can buy a folding dining table, a folding desk and four-five folding chairs.

You can open the table and chairs when you want to study or work and fold them when you are done. The purpose of buying foldable furniture is to allow it to take up space only when you need it. It means the table and chairs won’t take up the floor space of the room when you don’t want to use them. Simply, fold them up and put aside.


The lack of space is a big issue when you have to manage in a home with small rooms. With help of our suggested smart ideas, we hope that you can save a lot of space still create all the facilities you need in your home.