Are you needing to translate your business documents?

Translating your business documents can help you expand your reach and grow your revenue. It also communicates your company’s mission and values to key people from other parts of the world. This allows you to form important partnerships that will launch your company into the future.

But it also comes with many pitfalls. To get the most out of your document translation efforts, you need to follow a specific series of things into account. Below, we’ll go into our top tips for getting an accurate document translation. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Focus on Word-for-Word Accuracy

Translation can also inhibit your business instead of help it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a document that’s not translated in an accurate manner. 

A good translation will communicate your message as well as possible in the other language. It will use as many of the same words and phrases as feasible. In addition, it will make your text sound natural to a native speaker.

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2. Communicate the Same Message

However, most languages can’t be translated with word-for-word accuracy. This is because many languages have different ways of expressing certain concepts. For instance, if your business documents use a lot of idioms, the idioms might be specific to your language. They may be hard to translate into another language.  

Worse, some words have the same meaning on paper but have different connotations. So, you could easily mess up the tone of your business documents if you don’t have a professional translator working for you.

A good translator will translate the heart of the message. Sometimes, this involves translating word-for-word. Others, it means using similar phrases in the other language to get the same message across. 

3. Don’t Ask Your Bilingual Friend to Translate

Do you know someone who speaks both your language and the target language?

Unless they’re a professional translator, don’t ask them to translate your business documents. Why not? Very few people have attained the level of fluency it requires to translate a document. Your friend may speak English without making many mistakes. Still, good translation services require native-level fluency in both languages. 

Otherwise, the translator may miss the connotations of some of your text and provide an insufficient translation.

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4. Hire a Professional

It’s much better to hire a translator who has years of professional translation experience. Before signing them on, ask them to provide a sample translation. You can also ask for other client references to see if others had a good experience with them.

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5. Have Someone Else to Check It Over

It’s really easy for errors to creep into translated documents unnoticed. After all, unless you also speak both languages, you won’t be able to tell if the translator’s work is accurate

How do you prevent errors from creeping into your translated documents? Have another speaker of that language check it over.

Want to Learn More?

Business documents can have a bigger impact on your company’s endeavors if you get them translated.

Yet, finding the right translation service can be difficult. You want a company or employee who speaks both languages fluently and has the training required to work on large pieces in a quick manner. That’s why professional translation services are a great fit for so many businesses!

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