There are various online managers on the Shopify ecommerce platform as an choice to common marketplaces and the excellent technique for developing an ecommerce market.

Now, originator of Xtheta Consulting, which has matured the TOP co-worker of discussions regarding certain peculiarities of selling and producing a market on  stand.

Shopify ecommerce platform developed in Canada in 2004. Its assignments entered  capability to produce an online shop that would concede  buying of gains in many deals carriers already with insignificant force.

Privileges of the Shopify producer principles

• Formulation of a full-fledged online shopify store optimization on deeply adaptive policies with a big activity of knowledge processing;

• Admirable idea, performed applying the recommended templates, outwardly the requirement to examine plan laws;

• Joining a mixture of debt benefits;

• Merchandising digital plus mechanical assets;

• Mixture within a particular method with contours of common systems also runners.

Moving outcomes to the Shopify platform

You demand a Shopify platform to purchase strongly everywhere, however you are met among the relevant subject of migrating assets to the unique Shopify platform from the traditional one.

One of the secure and proved systems to send data within an innovative Shopify store is to utilize SCV files. Having appointed in the report in the planned construction, you can quickly imply assets.

Errors that reduce conversions on your online store

After the client’s quality practice and analysis of the analysis scenarios, a long and painstaking work follows with him to improve and optimize the processes. To facilitate this task, we have prepared for you several common mistakes that many online store owners make.

Mistakes that lower conversions on your shopify integration dropshipping store

Mistake # 1. Slow loading on the site

How do you feel about queues at the supermarket? We are willing to bet that this is special stress and certainly does not train mood or motivate to order. It’s the same for the user when they have to spend a few seconds waiting to display the product page.

Amazon estimated that in 2012, every second of loading resulted in a loss of $ 1.6 billion. (It is now clear why the platform is so fast today.)

Most visitors to your online store will spend a few minutes browsing category products before making a purchase decision. If the navigation on the site is not fast, comfortable and intuitive, there is a high probability that the user will leave the site without making a purchase.

Google recommends loading in less than 1.5 seconds. 9 out of 10 sites take significantly longer to load. So, if you are successful in your search for loading speed, it will be your competitive advantage and your site will be more likely to rank high in search engine results.

First, you should test the loading speed of your website. So you will understand what you should focus on – on increasing the speed of its work or methods of its optimization.

Mistake. Complex site navigation

Your customers are more likely to prefer simple, information-free website pages. On such sites, they can easily find answers to their questions, and will be able to purchase goods without wasting time. Here are some simple tips to help you improve your conversion rates by optimizing your navigation:

• Adapt the site for mobile devices;

• Add links to all necessary pages in Header and Footer;

• Adhere to a consistent structure and page design on your site;

• Use a clear call to action (CTA) that encourages you to check your cart.

• Minimize the number of 404 errors;

• Place the search bar in a prominent place – give the client the opportunity to quickly find what he is looking for.