The package design is arguably one of the essential components of your product’s image. It says a lot about your brand’s values, and it can influence how the audience perceives the quality of your products. Besides, your audience will recognize your products by the packaging, directly impacting your brand image, visibility, and sales.  

The product market landscape is increasingly becoming more visual and design-oriented;  you also have to keep changing to match the consumer and market demands. However, there are times it’s easy to tell when it’s time to change, but other times, you need a deeper soul searching.

This article shares five common signs that indicates it’s time to give your packaging the most suitable refresh to propel your business forward. 

  1. Packaging Cost Is Uneconomical 

If you’re like most business owners, finding ways to lower the cost of production and other operational costs are important to you. You need to evaluate if the cost of producing your existing design makes business sense economically. If it costs your business more than you’d like, it may be time to use modern packaging upgrades

You can leverage the technological advancements in the packaging design to eliminate costly add-ons and print graphics directly onto your packaging. In addition, the costs may be high because of the packaging style. Consider redesigning to optimize space. 

Remember that proper research is essential in finding areas to optimize packaging costs and where to get your mailing boxes and other packaging materials.  

  1. Retailers Are Complaining Of Low Sales 

If you have your products in retail stores, you understand how valuable shelf space is. Retail store owners don’t want to display and fill their shelves with products that won’t move. Retail store owners can be quite particular about getting rid of nonperforming products. When retail store owners start to complain about your products, it’s a sign that you need to make some changes. 

Most of the time, the packaging is the culprit. When you have bland and boring packaging design, retail customers may not notice your products leaving them on the shelves for months. You must act as soon as the retail stores convey that your products are slow-moving before adversely impacting your revenue. 

You may partner with a reputable packaging company like Stanley Packaging or any other with the range of packaging products you need.  

  1. Competitor Packaging Is Better 

Changing your packaging is an excellent way to awaken the curiosity and interest of the public in your brand. If you notice that your close competitors have revamped their packaging, don’t agree to hold on to your old design. Otherwise, your brand voice might get lost in the noise your competitors make in the market.  

However, you need to watch your competitors keenly, find out their designs’ weaknesses, and leverage them if you want to stand out. Understandably, revamping your packaging will come at a cost, but it has long-term benefits that makes it a worthy investment for your business when you execute it well.

  1. It’s Time To Rebrand 

Every brand evolves with time to meet the market and consumer demands. With this evolution, many things need to change, including product design. When you decide to rebrand your business, your packaging also needs to evolve. If you’re looking to change your branding, packaging redesign is necessary. 

Consumers recognize and identify your products by their packaging, and there’s no better way to convey the message that your business is rebranding than in your packaging. The point is to create a consistent look for your brand across all channels, including packaging.  

  1. Your Design Is Outdated 

You may not be ready to rebrand yet, but an out-of-date design is another obvious sign you need to revamp your packaging. However, it can be challenging to determine when your concepts have become obsolete. One of the ways to know the right time is if you’ve had the same packaging for more than a few years. If this is the case, you must start thinking of making a change. The best approach here is to research similar products and their packaging designs. 

Observe what your competitors are doing to gain ideas and a better understanding of what you’re up against. However, trend cautiously. Don’t pursue every trend without a clear approach, or you might end up with packaging that doesn’t reflect your brand. Instead of simply copying your competition, strive to be distinct. If you do it correctly, self-differentiation is highly beneficial to your business. Even if you’re changing your design solely to conform to the latest trends, ensure that your package retains a distinctive identity.  


The above are telltale signs that the time is ripe for a packaging revamp. While some signs, such as high packaging costs and rebranding, are apparent, you might need to have a more objective eye when reading the other signs. 

Don’t ignore any of these signs, as it can cost your business significantly, particularly hurting your bottom line. In addition, keeping up with market trends is an excellent way to have a competitive edge in your packaging.