Windows are more than simply large, rectangular pieces of glass. Although they do indeed allow in natural light, they serve a multitude of other purposes and should not be considered commodities. They are necessary components to the overall function of your home.

If your windows only let in light and don’t keep out the cold, or if they make your home drafty and not very well insulated, you should replace them soon. Here are some signs that you need a new window, and contact a window replacement company.

1. Signs of Cracks

Cracks in your windows can be a sign that it needs to be replaced. If you have single glass panes, any cracks should be replaced as soon as possible.

If the glass is cracked, it can become a safety hazard. Thick cracks in the glass can sometimes be repaired with a resin adhesive. However, it won’t be as strong as the original glass.

If the crack is thin and runs along the length of the glass, you may need to replace the entire window. In cases of multiple or fractured glass panes, it’s best to get the window replaced.

2. Rot in the Window Frame

Rot in the window frame is a telltale sign you need a window repair as well as new windows. If the frame of your window looks discolored and brittle, it is a sign it has been exposed to water or moisture. This can deteriorate the window frame and cause rot.

Other signs of decay can include peeling paint, bowed window frames, and cracked glass. Also, if you have to re-caulk around the window more often than usual, it could mean that your window is letting in too much air and needs to be replaced.

3. Condensation in the Panes

If condensation appears in between your windows, it means that the seals of the windows are not functioning properly anymore. When the seals start to deteriorate, the repair is no longer possible, and replacements are necessary.

When you observe this sign, it is important to take the necessary corrective action promptly to prevent further damage and further financial expense. View here for more information about window replacement.

4. Window Molds

Window molds consist of black, brown, and green spots, which are often accompanied by a musty odor. These molds are caused by the accumulation of air moisture and other environmental factors, such as excessive condensation.

Consequently, when the molds grow on your windows, it’s time to have them replaced to avoid future problems since they can cause water damage to your house if left unattended.

5. Hard to Open

This could be caused by a frame that has shifted, settled, or aged, as well as old and worn-out hardware. If you find that it’s becoming more and more difficult to open the window each time, it could be indicative of more serious problems.

Find a Window Replacement Company Today

Overall, window replacement is a great investment for your home. Replacing aged, drafty, or inefficient windows can save you money, improve your home’s comfort, and increase your home’s value.

So, if you think you may benefit from a window replacement, don’t hesitate to contact a window replacement company today to get the job done right.

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