Your eyes do so much more than help you see where you’re going. They impact coordination and balance. They can also give you clues that something is wrong. While certain issues may stem from a disease or other internal maladies, there are some common eye problems that prescription safety glasses can help you avoid.


There are many nerves in and around your eyes, and even a little swelling can put pressure on them, causing both pain and damage. While this problem could be indicative of an illness such as Graves’ disease or orbital cellulitis, it is more likely the result of allergies or other irritants. Flushing your eyes and wearing protective glasses, especially when you are going to be working outside, can prevent damage.

Blind Spots

It can be disorienting to suddenly have a partial block in your field of vision. Blind spots may appear as dark blots and can move around. They are often accompanied by severe headaches, indicating that they are symptoms of a serious problem. While prescription safety glasses don’t prevent diseases that cause blind spots, they can shield your eyes from toxic chemical exposure that can have the same effect. 


You may not have blind spots, but floaters can also cloud your vision. It is common for the number of floaters in your eyes to increase as you get older. However, they may also be a sign of damage caused by gazing into bright lights. If you are going to be outside or exposed to extreme brightness, it’s a good idea to wear shades or some other type of protective eye gear that shields your eyes from harsh lights.

Pain or Itchiness

There are many possible things that can cause pain or itching in your eyes:

  • Dust or sand particles
  • Fallen eyelashes
  • Pollen or mold spores
  • Poor lubrication

No matter the cause, what starts as a relatively minor irritation could turn into an infection if you don’t take care of it. Prevention is an even better solution, and protective eyewear helps keep irritants or drying agents away from your eyes to begin with.

Impaired Vision

An affliction such as double vision can affect your whole body. You can become disoriented and have difficulty focusing your eyes to read or complete even the most basic daily tasks. While there may be internal causes of double vision, prolonged exposure to irritants can also weaken the eyes, resulting in impairment.

A common symptom of glaucoma is a narrowed field of sight or loss of peripheral vision. If the problem is persistent, contact your doctor immediately to be tested. Obstructions or irritants can have a similar temporary effect, though. Using proper eyewear is the best way to prevent it.

Your eyes can be sensitive to many external factors, and the right protection is necessary to prevent common eye problems. Shop at Marvel Optics for a vast selection of prescription safety glasses. Whether you need protection from debris, a shield between you and chemical fumes or shade from the sun, Marvel Optics has the right eyewear to meet your expectations.