It is not uncommon for die-hard players to be familiar with Sea of Thieves. This is a bold journey that drops players into the middle of the ocean immediately as they start. Players find this pirate game to be adventurous, and they fight with clashing swords, fearsome monsters, etc. Most players find this game to be overwhelming, particularly when they start, because the job of commanding their tasks turns into a little tricky. However, to play Sea of Thieves, you need to follow some tips:

Know your ship

When you play Sea of Thieves, you will find three distinct kinds of ships and each of them serves some particular number of players. Though you can captain any vessel regardless of the crew members, you must remain confined to the suggested number only. You have to manually raise and lower the anchor of the ships besides the sales that you will be able to open, turn, and close. Again, you will also find each ship to possess nearly one set of cannons that you can use for fighting beside a wheel which is at the back.

The breakdown of the ships 

  • Sloop – This is agile and fast. The Sloop caters to one or a couple of players. This is also the fastest ship in the Sea of Thieves. However, the Sloop isn’t great for a straight-up fight as it does not possess the offensive capacities of the two other vessels though it can outrun any non-Sloop that looks for a chase.
  • Galleon – The Galleon is meant for four players, and it is regarded as the finest place where novice players can begin. Galleons are pretty slow but can devastate everything that comes in their path. The hull of the Galleon is two floors, and a beginner player must join the crew of the Galleon as it is more forgiving, and he can learn various ship mechanics.
  • Brigantine – The Brigantine is the latest ship that was introduced in this game. This ship is meant for three players, and it is also the preferred ship for lots of players. 

Always leave with supplies

While playing Sea of Thieves, most often, you will find yourself to be dropped at an unfamiliar Outpost with your ship. When a player gains control of his character, the first thing he will be required to do is collect food, cannonballs, and wood, and he will find these items scattered all over the post. Hence, you need to accumulate lots of them. You can’t hold much at a time, so you must keep on making trips to vacate the inventory of your pirate. Most players love prioritizing cannonballs and wood because they can’t be punished for spawning until and unless other pirates attack them.

Start your voyage and begin to pirate

After players pick their ships and accumulate supplies, they need to choose the kind of quest they love to embark on. Commonly, the new players handle three core factions, and each of them proposes them exclusive quests. When you are a beginner, you must do either Order of Souls or a Gold Hoarder mission, as it is comparatively straightforward. Though there are present other trading companies, these two options give players a comparatively simple quest that eases them into the game.

Pretty acceptable to be passive

While playing, players should not get involved in any kind of conflict. Though it is pretty unsurprising for those players who have tons of loot, they ought to remain ready for a fight. Lots of users love to embrace the aspect of pirates in this game; it means users would hunt down vessels that they suspect to be carrying treasure. In the game “Sea of Thieves,” some islands are pretty large, and players can hide on a ship. However, they need to keep a strict vigil on the ship that is marked with a red skull on the map. 

Be conscious of combat

When players play Sea of Thieves, they will confront different non-boss NPC opponents. Again, this game possesses different skeletons, too, for which players will need different tactics to defeat. To combat skeletons, you can either use a Flintlock Pistol or a Cutlass. Players ought to lead their shots at the time of cannon fire when they fight on the seas. They should aim their shots against bigger ships below the waterline, similar to a galleon. Only when players remain confident of their shot and aim can they destroy masts, wheels, and anchors.

Sea of Thieves is an interesting, playful game that proposes to players’ lots of opportunities to experiment as well as play. You need to be highly cautious and apply only the ideal tactics while playing. When you practice well, you can gain excellent. Although this game is fun, it isn’t an easy fit as you will have lots of challenges. Luckily, you can use Sea of Thieves cheats to make things more vibrant for you.