Are you tired of crumbling down from your ladder while cleaning your windows? Well, you can say no, but let’s be honest: you are lying.

Being safe while cleaning windows is a tricky process that is why I have put together four ways along with tips and tricks that you can adapt to clean windows every time:

1. Mop for sparkling glass

A simple mop can do so much to get a clean sparkling window all year long. And you don’t have to do so much for it. Grab a bucket and combine one part water and one part vinegar.

Now, attach a clean micro-fibre cloth or mop at the top of the mop handle and seal it properly. Dip it into the solution and scrub the windows from the outside. Proceed to the next step only after a majority of the curd has been removed.

Now, wipe the glasses with a clean, dry microfiber cloth or a streak-free window cleaner.

After you are completely done with this, allow the windows to get dried. For a streak-free finish, pat a newspaper on the dried grass. And that’s all you need to do to have a safe way to clean your window set and still get the new shine.

2. Use a squeegee

You might have seen workers using a squeegee while cleaning out the big corporate windows. Yes, I’m talking about them. Squeegees are most helpful if your windows are on a higher level and you have to climb a ladder to reach them.

Safety is an important factor here, that’s why it’s wise to not use a mop since it takes a lot of energy to perform (if you know, you know).

Moreover, an extendable squeegee can be extended to several meters so you won’t have to perform stunts to clean your window sets. Even if your windows are on lower levels, squeegees help you clean them without even getting on a ladder.

To use this, dampen the pad. After that, clean the windows with a flat, smooth rubber brush.

3. Magnetic window cleaner

The whole point of this article is to make your cleaning process easier for hard-to-reach windows which can be pretty dangerous. That is why you should give thought to magnetic window cleaners.

It is a clever cleaning device that quickly removes grimes and debris from your window panels. The magnetic pull can scour the sides of the window, which is generally hard with other tools.

Moreover, it evenly cleans all the sides of your window and wipes away the liquid cleaning fluid. It could be a little tricky at first but after some use, you will get a hang of it.

4. Cleaning the unchecked areas

This cleaning technique will only work if you have window glass replacement. If you have removable windows, this cleaning technique might be just what you need. Seriously!

To go ahead with this, start by unlocking your windows and sliding them half-open. If the window doesn’t come out in one go, don’t push it, look for what is blocking the way. Then lift the panel out with both hands, and don’t break the glass in the process. If it’s too big, ask for assistance.

Take a microfibre cloth and deep clean the pants. For the windows, use any one of the above techniques and you will be good.

Mistakes to avoid

1. Cleaning on a sunny day

It’s not smart to clean your windows on a really bright sunny day because the liquid might dry out too soon and you will be left with marks from the squeegee or the cloth, instead of clear glass.

2. Spraying on dirt

Never, ever spray the liquid on dirty windows and start cleaning on them. It will make the dirt stick to the glass even more, which will lead to more effort into cleaning them. That is why always dust your windows with a dry microfiber cloth first to ensure the windows get proper cleaning without any stubborn dirt.

3. Not using an appropriate amount

Don’t expect to get a sparkling clear window set if you are only using 4 ounces of spray. It doesn’t happen that way. Further, don’t forget to use a good quality cleaning spray because if you are making an investment, make a good one.

4. Using old rags to clean

Old rags tend to release small threads out of them which can stick to the wet window panels when used for cleaning. That’s why you should always use a microfiber cloth.

So, buddy, if you follow these tips, you won’t ever have to worry about being safe or dirty windows ever!