Ripped jeans are the trend to wear, but the rules you knew for wearing them are out of date. These are the guidelines to forget to bring this garment to 2022.

Now that all things the ’90s are back and extra-casual fashion seems to be the norm, it’s no surprise that ripped jeans are back in style. We all have a model like this in our wardrobe, and the time has come to wear it not because it is the only clean jean, but because it is a trend.

The small detail is that ripped jeans are no longer worn as you thought. Times change, the way of wearing clothes also and now this denim model has been updated. So it’s time to clear up all the doubts about this anti-skinny trend that doesn’t stop growing and we’ll tell you what those obsolete rules are when using them, but don’t worry, here you’ll also find how to wear ripped jeans without taking a wrong step.

How ripped should you wear the jean?

If you are looking for women ripped jeans that will last you a lifetime, perhaps choosing ones that are ripped just a little and in strategic areas is enough; however, currently, it seems that the more tears the better or, at least, having a big tear above the knee is a must. If you wear them like this, just pay attention to the quality of the jean and be careful that the threads do not hang in an extra messy way, as if they were undone with each step you take.

A no to dress them in the office

In this case, of course, everything will depend on the type of office you work in and the dress code that they have established, but it is true that there are certain types of ripped jeans that are totally suitable for wearing in more creative, casual work environments and where to go. fashionable is a plus. At some point wearing frayed jeans to the office was a big no-no, but as you will see there are looks with a thumbs up to wear on a casual Friday and look very stylish.

With stockings

At some point during autumn-winter, it was cool to combine ripped jeans and tights underneath to show off their designs through the holes in the pants. It was a way to keep you warm while giving that extra personal touch to your jeans and your look. Wait for slightly warmer times of the year to wear your ripped jeans correctly and without any other garment underneath that overloads your outfit. Go for a more minimalist look.

Broken upon broken

This is a deprecated rule, but it should be permanently implemented. The art of looking like the best dressed affordable ripped jeans comes down to not combining them with other worn garments. Since this jean style already adds a casual, streetwear vibe to any outfit, adding other worn or ripped pieces can make the look sloppy. Instead, wear with items like a blazer and turtleneck for a dressy outfit, a voluminous blouse and ankle boots for another on-trend look, or a simple t-shirt and leather jacket for an off-model outfit. -duty.

Jeans only for under 30

Each of the garments we wear has its occasion and even its way of using them according to our age, but it is only that, the way of using them, but not that they are completely prohibited. A 20-year-old girl can look great in super ripped jeans, like the ones Zendaya used at some point, to go to a festival, for example; But while we add years, perhaps it is preferable that the size of the openings and the fraying of the jean be minimized so as not to accentuate certain details or detract from the elegance of your look.