If you are either looking for ideas on which direction to take for your first professional job role or else are currently working for a company based in a traditional office setting and are searching for something else entirely, then working with children could well be the answer.

With this in mind, here are five of the most ultimately rewarding career pathways working with children.

  1. Speech & Language Therapist

Speech and language therapists enjoy a varied working life and, for the most part, tend to specialize in helping children and young adults. 

Essentially, such a role centers around the provision of speech and language therapeutic techniques to help children who are living with hearing loss, speech impediments, or indeed many other issues which mean they need help with their speech. 

  1. School Nurse 

There are, naturally, many different types of school nurses, depending for the most part on the location wherein the role is based, with some school nurses dealing more with the educational side of health and well-being and others more focused on treatments and inoculations, such as administering the chickenpox vaccine

Obviously, you can decide, once qualified, to work in an elementary school or else help to care for older children in a high school or college, but regardless of your desired working location, a nursing degree is required. 

  1. Social Worker

A career as a social worker often involves working with children on a daily basis as well as building close professional working bonds with children from different backgrounds along with their families and friends too. 

Social workers are some of the most valuable professionals in the local community setting, and one thing is for sure; choosing to become a social worker will certainly ensure your days are varied and that you are doing rewarding work. 

If you have a natural propensity for staying calm in situations where others may become stressed, have a limitless amount of energy, are a self-described ‘people person’, and enjoy spending time with children of all ages, then a career as a social worker should certainly be one for you to consider. 

  1. School Counsellor 

When you were at school, you may have slightly negative memories of the one school counselor calling in children one by one to shatter their dreams and encourage them to pursue a conventional and altogether more ‘suitable’ career. 

However, these days, modern school counselors are a fantastic link between children and their future career aspirations and not only help them with their subject choices and encourage them to pursue their individual passions but also help them with their emotional health and well-being. 

  1. Children’s Occupational Therapist 

The fifth and final suggestion for a rewarding and enriching career working with kids each and every day is that of a children’s occupational therapist. Occupational therapists have a direct, positive, and often overwhelming influence on the quality of life of individual children across all age groups and use specialized strategies, therapies, and tools to help them overcome physical problems or disabilities.