Did you know that only 44 percent of small businesses have worked with a consulting business in the past? One of the best options to consider when your business needs consultation is a virtual CIO.

Information is key when you’re running a business, and you need to consider getting CIO services if you want to get business advice that will allow your company to grow and thrive. If you’re still unsure about using CIO services, then today is your lucky day.

You’ve found the perfect guide to learning all about the five biggest reasons why your business needs consulting security in 2023. Keep reading to learn more today!

1. Strategic Direction

Your virtual CIO is the perfect resource to help you find the gaps and inefficiencies in your current business operations. Everything from information security to government compliance falls under the things that your CIO can help you work through and alter to enable your business to flourish.

It’s a great alternative to placing this burden on your local IT consulting company. The virtual CIO will handle all of your paperwork and business information with ease. You can even count on consulting services to regulate the uses of your business’s technology for employees.

2. Development of Processes

Another great reason to hire a virtual CIO for your business is the ability to come up with more efficient processes for your business.

Many businesses find that they save money after hiring a CIO to help them out, and it’s also normal to make better decisions about the use of technology within your company.

3. Disaster Recovery Help

In addition to getting great business advice, you will also enjoy getting disaster recovery help if something catastrophic should happen to your business.

Issues like cyber attacks and network crashes will be a walk in the park thanks to your CIO services. You will enjoy the business continuity plan that your CIO designs.

4. Help With Processing Information

A virtual CIO is also the perfect person to help you make sense of all of the data and information that is coming into your business.

It’s much easier to run a business when you’re receiving sound business advice from an expert with years of experience.

5. Savings

You will save a ton of money when you hire a virtual CIO rather than hiring an in-house CIO for your company. Your daily business operations will thrive and you won’t need to pay a full salary and benefits when you take this route.

It’s the best way to grow your business if you need consultation help.

Hire a Virtual CIO for Your Business Today

Hiring a virtual CIO for your company makes sense on a number of levels, especially if you want to make better decisions for your business while saving money. CIO services will help you keep your business running in the event of a disaster, and they’ll process the data that comes into your business for you.

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