With the chills of winter comes the time to have a blast with exciting snow games. Nothing feels more liberating and boosting than speeding down the hill while riding your board or skis. As exciting as these activities are, they are also risky and need utmost safety.

You need to buy snow goggles in Australia, a helmet, and other protective gear to ensure that take on the slides safely and enjoy them without any injury. Given the wind, light, and general weather conditions on mountains, winter sports are unusual and call for high-end protection.

One of the most aspects of protection is safeguarding your eyes. The air at high altitudes is thinner that does not filter the sun rays enough to protect your eye. The reflection from the surface of snow makes the glare more intense and UV rays can cause significant damage to your eyes. Some people can also develop issues like cataracts. If that is not convincing enough, here are some compelling reasons to wear adequate eye protection during these extreme sports.

  • Prevent harsh glare some the sun

As mentioned earlier, the sun in the mountains is quite bright. Its brightness is enhanced multiple folds by the reflection of the rays from the snow all around. Such intense glare adversely impact your eyes and also impedes your vision while you are sliding down.

Specialized goggles such as the ones with the dark or polarized lens can give you clearer vision and prevent accidents. You can also go for photochromic goggles that sense the amount of light adjusts the brightness accordingly to give you a clear vision.

  • Get better contrast and clearer vision

It is often difficult to identify slopes and bumps as you speed down the hills. For that reason, colored lenses such as rose, brown, and amber provide you enough contrast to identify these differences in the terrain.

While rose and amber lenses are great for cloudy and hazy days, brown is the most versatile one. It blocks harsh sun rays and allows great clarity and contrast for green bushes and trees.

  • Protect your eyes from debris and cold

The cold breeze is generally harsh to your skin and eyes and can cause significant irritation and dryness. On top of that, sports like snowboarding and skiing expose your eyes to cold waves for long periods.

The snow and debris that flies when you rush on the snow or bump into something can also injure your eyes. Proper goggles and protection for eyes become imperative to prevent injuries and long-term ill effects.

  • Protection in case of accidents

Accidents are common when you rush along the trail. It is difficult to control the speed and direction on steep slopes that cause you to bump into others or hit twigs and branches.

Such collisions can cause mild to serious injuries to your delicate eyes. Goggles that cover your eyes and fit snugly help you prevent such injuries and keep your eyes safe.

  • Protection of people who already wear corrective lens

People who wear lenses to correct their vision can easily wear skiing goggles over their regular lenses. It will help them see clearly and also prevent lenses to dry out quickly. Even if you wear glasses, you can cover them with ski goggles. You only have to ensure that your goggles are big enough to fit over your glasses without causing discomfort.