The market for iOS app development has seen a constant surge in popularity. Currently, the Apple app store consists of more than 2 million applications downloaded hundreds of billions of times. 

Every iOS app development agency benefits from the high demand for iOS applications and the forever-increasing likability of the platform. Although iOS was pretty popular since the start, its popularity took a toll in 2014 with the launch of the Swift programming language. The language quickly became one of the most famous modern programming languages in the market worldwide. 

Developers find Swift comparatively easier than Java, JavaScript, and python. Moreover, it is user-friendly, which makes its applications popular among a massive number of users.

The development environment supporting Apple is an ever-growing e ecosystem, so established enterprises and tech startups prefer to opt for iOS app development.

In fact, most technologies built by startups and other companies are primarily targeted at iOS users. For example, Snapchat and Clubhouse were initially developed for Apple users and then expanded to Android. 

Since the popularity and reputation of iOS applications are more significant than any other operating system, it’s wise to learn iOS app development for a brighter future.

Why learn iOS app development in 2021? 

  • High demand for iOS developers: 

Since the dawn of the Apple app store in 2008, approximately 1,500,000 were created just around developing and designing applications. Since then, iOS applications have only seen a significant surge in their net worth, collectively making $1.3 trillion globally in February 2021.

Companies create applications to function as the epicenter of their products. Be it a grocery delivery app like Instacart or a food ordering application like Grubhub. This is because users prefer using applications to run even the basic errands. 

And as mentioned above, Apple enjoys its fame in the mobile manufacturing market, so, as the number of Apple devices in the market increase, so will be the demand for apps. And the more apps in demand, the better would be job opportunities for Apple app developers. 

  • Better earning:

If you are starting with your career in app development, we, an iPhone app development agency, would recommend you go for iOS app development. While Android enjoys a broader market share than iOS, developers are leaving the Android ecosystem due to many concerns related to privacy and security. 

You are looking to earn by app development or in-app purchases; iOS applications are the way to go for you. 

  • Programming language is easy to learn:

Swift is the “ideal” programming language for Apple. It is modern, powerful, and flexible and is designed to keep education in perception.

It mirrors the idea behind Apple devices – Simplicity and Aesthetics.

Apple engineers designed Swift to provide exponential power to expert iOS developers and cater to those beginning with their careers at the same time.  

What is Swift?

Swift is a programming language dedicated to all iOS platforms. It is known for its structured and limited model and requires a developer to match many criteria before actually launching the application.

Passing the app through different rules and regulations prevents going off track, helping novice developers in the proper development of iOS applications.

One of the primary reasons to learn iOS app development is the short learning curve of Swift. It is easy to understand and implement, which allows the developer to focus entirely on the project they are working on. 

  • Sophisticated tools: 

Apple itself coins its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as one of the best tools present in the market for iOS app development. In fact, almost every iOS app development agency would agree when we say these tools are easy to use, stable, and user-friendly! 

iOS app development tools are developed with the same mindset as Apple devices – they are designed to make your jobs easy. 

For example, the popular iOS app development tool Xcode has been in the market way longer than its Android equivalent. Therefore, the level of maturity it holds is much greater than that of Androids’. 

Since the beginning, iOS app developers have substantially used Xcode to develop their iOS applications and test and launch them. Xcode doesn’t require a developer to set up multiple tools to establish a working environment; instead, it comes bundled with almost every tool a developer would need. In short, it is an all-in-one technology. 

  • Robust community and opportunities: 

Apple is supported by a robust community of both expert developers and newbies. The current community is dramatically expanding since more and more student developers are trying their best to be a part of it. Apart from the many benefits of developing an iOS application, one major attraction for many developers joining the community is the week-long Apple event known as WWDC.

Developers, entrepreneurs, designers, and bloggers from all around the world including, the UK, US, India, Italy, China, etc., attend the event to witness the launch of new technologies in both hardware and software. 

Many believe it to be the most awaited event of the year in the Apple community. 

Apart from this, iOS, as an operating system, is supported by millions of developers and Apple itself. Therefore, the platform is regularly updated and advanced to perform at its optimum. Moreover, it is almost impossible to get stuck anywhere in the development phase of an Apple application since the robust community is always ready to help. 


As an iPhone app development agency, we can vouch that initiating your career with iOS app development is the best start for your professional life. However, it is best to decide between Android or iOS only after carefully considering both platforms’ advantages and disadvantages. 

If your goal is to create a business or startup, you must consider various aspects such as your budget, target audience, whether you wish to make money out of your app or expand your business. 

On the other hand, if you are a student and starting with your development career, you should research both Android and iOS markets and choose the one that fits well with your goals.