Eyelash extensions are getting so much popular these days and there are reasons for that. First, they last longer than false lashes, they cut down the makeup time, and they usually look more natural with your eyes.

However, there are many aspects to eyelash extensions that lash care experts seem to dislike. In this article, we will share with you some drawbacks of using eyelash extensions that are faced by most people who go with this procedure. With this information by your side, you will be able to judge for yourself whether you should try these out or not.

Here are some of the main reasons why eyelash extensions are not worth your time and money

  1. Extensive Use Can Trigger Permanent Lash Fall

Since eyelash extensions sit on top of your natural lashes and each hair is joined separately with the natural lashes, this puts pressure on your real eyelashes. It stops their growth cycle and this disruption can lead to permanent loss of lash hair.

This can be avoided if you use false lashes or if you go through with this process once in a while and not on a regular basis.

  • They are Expensive

This time-consuming process usually costs about $120 to $300 and lasts for about six weeks tops. After that, you have to redo the whole thing. And this cost is only for the simple procedure. If you want to modify the lashes and change their shape to the one you desire, it will cost you even more.

These lashes can shed easily and to prevent that you have to get touch-ups done every two weeks and each session costs you more money.

  • They are High Maintenance

The eyelash extension requires you to be very careful while you go through your day-to-day tasks. You can not be in a hot room for long, you are asked to be careful while you work out, and you cannot wash your face properly since you run the risk of lashes falling out upon contact with water.

This can be really uncomfortable for most people since they have to sacrifice a lot to keep the lashes in place.

The eyelash extensions are also not very easy to clean. The mascara or eyeliner stays stick to these lashes and cleaning them properly can lead to damage to their shape which is the last thing you want.

  • Eye Infections

Though these are not that common still the possibility is there. The lashes use adhesives to stay in contact with your eyes. These glue elements can cause rashes and infections like conjunctivitis, etc.

There are also risks of you developing eyesores or styes which can be extremely painful. So, considering all these factors we think it is better to stay away from eyelashes extensions altogether or at least to use these as little as possible.

  • They Can Cause Allergies

The eyelash extensions are also known to cause allergic reactions in some people. There is a possibility of swelling, irritation, and follicle decay due to the allergic reactions triggered by the adhesive components of these lashes.

This is why it is strongly advised that you go for these lashes after going through patch tests so that any abnormalities come to light before you go ahead with the actual process.

This will save a lot of your time and money since you won’t have to get the whole lashes removed even before you get a chance to show these to the world.

Wrapping it Up

So, these are some of the key reasons why we believe eyelash extensions are a poor choice for you. They are uncomfortable, high-maintenance, costly, and they pose a lot of risks to your general health.

We suggest you avoid these as much as possible and instead go for natural and organic serums and a better diet for the proper growth of your natural lashes. Going through this lengthy and expensive procedure is just not worth it and the above points clearly show why it’s true. We really hope this information helps you realize the drawbacks of eyelash extensions and once again we urge you to go for false lashes or natural eyelash boosting remedies for better results.