Staying hydrated is as much a part of your workout as your warm-up or cool-down. When you hit the gym, your water bottle is in your bag next to your towel and extra clothes. If you work out at home, you always make sure there is a glass of water for you to take a sip from during your recovery time. Drinking water is a great habit to have before, during and after exercising, but expanding your drinking palate to try amino acid drinks is an addition worth taking. Here are 5 reasons to make amino acid drinks a part of your workout routine

1. Supports and Repairs Muscle

Essential amino acids are found in common foods you eat, such as fish, eggs and nuts, but if you are working out regularly and are trying to build muscle, you need to make sure you get enough to support and repair tissue. Drink water before you start your workout, and when you are finished with your back rows, flutter kicks or bench presses, take a break and sip from an amino acid drink to give your body the isoleucine and valine to promote healthy muscle function. 

2. Boosts Energy and Immunity

Lysine, threonine and histidine give your immune system a boost so that you will be less susceptible to illnesses. This is especially important during a pandemic. Anything that can strengthen your immunity should be a welcome addition to your hydration regimen. Valine and isoleucine increase energy and will help you stay motivated throughout your workout and the rest of your day. These are natural sources of energy that are good for your body and will not create a crash like sugar or caffeine. 

3. Regulates Weight and Digestion

Threonine and methionine aid metabolism and detoxification to help regulate weight. This is important when striving to lose weight and gain muscle. Histidine helps support your digestive system so that it can work properly while you are achieving your fitness goals. Because digestion absolutely affects weight gain or loss, having these amino acids in your drink will help you build and maintain a healthy body. Of course, eating healthy foods is the foundation of good nutrition, but adding these amino acids to your fluid intake will help support the digestion of your smart food choices. 

4. Stimulates Mood and Sleep Cycles

Seratonin is a hormone that makes you feel happy and is stimulated by tryptophan, another essential amino acid. Lysine produces hormones that help with the body’s stress responses. A good amount of these two amino acids in your body will help keep your mood and stress levels balanced. Tryptophan, along with histidine, encourages sleep cycles so your body can rest and recover from the strain of a great workout. Unless you are well rested, you will not be able to give your workout your best effort and may even cause an injury. 

5. Produces Healthy Skin and Hair

Lysine and threonine assist in the production of collagen which promotes healthy skin and hair. This is especially important to include in your fluid intake as you grow older and your skin starts to change. Lysine also aids in the absorption of calcium which helps keep your bones growing and healthy. Taking good care of your hair and skin will strengthen your confidence as you look and feel wonderful.

There are nine essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce so we must get them either in what we eat or what we drink. You already are in the habit of hydrating while working out, so just tweak this habit a little and switch to an amino acid drink at the end of your routine to give your body all it needs to be healthy and strong. Many of these amino acids are found in drinks at your local supermarket and are not expensive, so making this change to your lifestyle can be quick and easy.