The online gaming sector has seen some serious growth spurts over the last few years. This growth and development have also meant that there have also been a number of ongoing myths that people share and discuss on online forums. Many of these gaming myths are untrue, and so it is essential to debunk such myths and untruths. This article looks at five such untruths and provides the reality of the situation in relation to these.

  1. That gaming is a waste of time

This has been totally debunked during the pandemic, where gaming became one of the only social outlets and opportunities to interact and meet others. Now, if social interaction and friendships can be maintained online as people game, and it is these self-same relationships that allow them to live healthier, happier lives, then there can be no way that gaming is a waste of time.

  1. Gaming teaches you nothing

The skills that you can learn from gaming are numerous and varied and will all be especially useful in real life. Regardless of whether you’re playing poker or slots at the top-rated casino online or a team strategy game, you need to make decisions quickly. The ability to make the right decisions at speed is a skill and one that gaming will be great at teaching.

  1. It’s not related to real life

The tech that has been developed for gaming is also being assessed and made available in many other applications. It would seem to be that gaming is actually the testing and proving ground for a great many technology improvements that are then used on real-life applications. Furthermore, the people and other gamers that people interact with and perhaps then meet with are real-life people, although up until that point may have originally met as gaming avatars.

  1. Gaming is dangerous as an online activity

Not if you follow accepted cyber security protocols, it’s as dangerous as searching for live entertainment online, checking your social media, or paying your bills. Unless you are reckless and have set up gaming profiles everywhere, with weak passwords and your real name as the username, then you should be safe to visit the well-known and recommended sites that you do to game online.

  1. You always need a specific games console to play

No, not anymore, because cross-platform gaming is a reality. There are now games that can be played on PC, mobile, laptop, or tablet, using the games-specific console or controller. The list of games that allows for cross-platform gaming is simply growing and debunking the myth that you need to buy a specific console to play great games.

There are so many myths floating around the internet, and this misinformation serves to make it harder to find the right kind of game to play. However, as shown in this article, if you persevere, do your reading and research, finding more articles like this one, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about the games you choose to play.