Many people think that a healthy lifestyle is a complex of certain actions designed for a certain time. When did four weeks, and you can forget. Actually, it is not.

A healthy lifestyle is a series of actions and habits that are developed throughout life, and aimed at a general improvement in the state of the body. Just like if you have had an injury and gotten better with the compression wrap benefits. Then you would want to lift up your spirits, body, and start working out as soon as you are out the recovery stage.

In connection with the great growth in popularity of the movement, he, of course, was attacked by myths.

Myth 1. HLS is foreshadowed for a beautiful body. Beauty is a subjective point of view. According to your standards, the body can be beautiful, but not by other standards. Health is an extremely objective point of view.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, people are the owners of a beautiful, fit and developed body, and not a lean model, or a body with a bunch of muscles. Switching to fractional nutrition, as prescribed in the healthy lifestyle, you get the perfect physique. Ideal, not in terms of general aesthetics, but ideal by your standards of health.

For each person, this middle ground can vary in different ways, depending on his immunity, hormonal status and, of course, his state of health.

Based on this, if for many years you literally lived in the gym and consumed, say, 1,300 calories per day, then by switching to healthy lifestyle, you will get better. Well, the opposite is the situation, if you want to become the owner of a huge pile of muscles, then healthy lifestyle is not your assistant.

Myth 2. The regime is not as important as the training and nutrition. I took three hours to sleep, and so what, but I did the whole workout and ate right with vitamin supplements, and eventually got sick. In addition, of course, a healthy lifestyle is to blame for this.

It turns out that the fundamental element is precisely the regime. Rest should be given at least 8 hours a day, while going to bed and getting up, best of all at the same time, accustoming your body to biological rhythm.

Myth 3. Must go to the gym. Of course, building the necessary muscles using weights is much more effective, but this is a completely separate topic, not related to healthy lifestyle. You can get sufficient motor activity in other ways, whether by bike, jogging, walking, or dancing. There are many ways.

Myth 4. Exhausting diet. Many people think that if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you should eat as a model of fitness, or a bodybuilder. That is, exclusively chicken breasts, egg whites and dry buckwheat. In addition, here, of course, the question arises, how can health appear with such a diet?

Certainly, the participants of such sports, in preparation for the competition, sit on the dryer and use the above products, and they make up for the missing micro-, macro-elements, as well as various amino acids and vitamins with special additives.

However, a healthy and proper diet, in fact, is very diverse; you can even indulge yourself from time to time with something tasty, whether it is a cake or baked lamb. Indeed, in a healthy lifestyle, the main thing is to feel appropriate, and constant prohibitions and abstinence from something negatively affect the nervous system.

Myth 5. Nerves are not related to the development of the body. Even the very definition of health, includes, the psychological and emotional state at the proper level.

Oppressed by guilt, constantly tortured, exhausted, a man runs to the gym, does not miss a single workout, does regular morning runs, eats appropriately, but his condition does not improve, and his sleep is constantly disturbed. It is better to subscribe to a health channel on your Spectrum TV essentials, learn there on with the professional, and improve your fitness.

In fact, the psychological state provides the most support for our body. The body responds to the slightest emotional changes, starting with hormones and ending with muscles, nerves and skin.

A body that is in constant tension, whether from a strict diet or from lack of sleep, will only accumulate protection against stress in the form of fat, without spending it at all on such trifles as clean skin, or silky hair. No wonder it says in a healthy body, a healthy mind.