There are a few things gamblers enjoy such as gambling online and enjoying good gambling stories while at it. Today, more people are developing an interest in online casinos, particularly online roulette in the UK

Besides, movie producers over the years have been creating movies with casino and gambling themes. If you are looking for great gambling movies to get rid of boredom at home, here are 5 movies about gambling, with casino as a backdrop.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven 

Ocean’s Eleven stands out as one of the most famous casino movies. In casinos, they say always the house wins. However, this is hardly the case in this movie. Starring Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney, they plan to rob the biggest casino in Las Vegas. 

With an elaborate plan, it is a sure way of getting a nice payout from a casino. You will be left guessing what the crew has in mind as new information pops out throughout the movie. To spice things up, the ex-wife of Danny Ocean’s who is the crew leader happens to be the girlfriend of the guy he is targeting to rob. 

Regardless of your gambling views, you will enjoy watching Ocean’s Eleven. It features wonderful acting, hilarious comedy, and adrenaline-inducing action. All these make it one of the best casino movies. 

  1. Maverick 

Maverick is a hilarious comedy starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster. The two portray a love-hate relationship as they balance conning each other and remaining in love. The dynamic will ensure you get through the movie without boredom.

The highlight of the movie is the high-stakes poker tournament and the main prize of $500,000. Who will get the prize money and who will be conned out of it? 

  1. California Split 

This movie lacks the action a flick like Ocean’s Eleven packs, but to many, it is the ultimate gambling movie. The movie is about a compulsive gambler who attempts to win big to settle his debts. It follows him through the gambling dens in Reno and Las Vegas. 

This way, you will come across remarkable characters and overhear casino banter which is essential for a casino experience. 

  1. Uncut Gems 

This is a nerve-wracking thriller. Adam Sandler plays the role of a hopeless gambling addict known as Howard. The brilliance of the movie is in Howard’s ability to suck you into his sickness. 

Although it does not moralize the doomed protagonist, you get a feeling of his mania by getting you to ride along on his crazed rush. Even after watching the movie’s tragic end, you feel the urge to get back on the ride. 

  1. The Gambler 

The original 1974 movie shows the ups and downs of a gambling addict. Inspired by Dostoyevsky’s novel of the same name, it masterfully dissects the psychology of gambling. Starring James Caan, he reveals that it is more about the risk and not the money. 


Hollywood producers are just as enamored with the mystique of casinos as we are, which is why casinos serve as a backdrop of so many great movies. While these five are our picks, there have been so many movies with great gambling scenes that we could write even more lists. Some honourable mentions include Casino Royale (2006), Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Revolver (2005), Casino (1995), 21 (2008) and many more.