You probably feel invincible when you go to work every day, but you still need to ensure it’s 100% safe. Some things can go wrong when you least expect it, which could injure your employees and ruin your business.

We’ll discuss some little things everyone can do to create a safer working environment, but don’t forget about workplace safety training. Teaching your employees how to stay safe is the best way to ensure nothing goes wrong.

1. Disposing Of Waste Correctly

If workers deal with liquids like chemicals and fuels, it’s worth looking into spill containment products for emergency cases. You don’t want people putting a fuel-soaked rag into a random trash can.

You can’t risk starting a massive fire even though it’s unlikely to happen. Dangerous waste would be safer once inside a large drum. Spills should be dealt with straight away, which is only possible if you have the right equipment.

2. Replace Broken Inspection Tags

Some equipment will have inspection tags attached, so you can work out whether or not it’s serviceable. It’s important to replace any missing or broken tags. What do you think will happen if your building starts burning down?

If you have a serviceable extinguisher inspection tag, it’s likely your fire extinguisher will work. I know it seems like these little details won’t make much difference, but it’s vital to be prepared for anything.

3. Reward People For Staying Safe

Some companies that operate in dangerous work environments strive to keep injuries below a certain level. Employees are sometimes rewarded for staying safe. You can do the same even though you don’t run a dangerous industrial factory.

Tell people you’ll reward them for keeping the accident record log empty. It doesn’t need to be too expensive to motivate staff. You’ll have a lot more success if you get everyone to hold each other accountable.

4. You Must Have Comfortable PPE

You might be required by law to offer personal protective equipment, but don’t do what some companies do. They usually purchase the cheapest PPE on the market to tick a box, but it won’t always keep people safe.

It’s likely your employees will try to avoid using poor equipment whenever possible. Nobody wants to wear horrible gloves and masks all day. It’s worth investing extra into PPE that everyone will feel okay wearing.

5. Let People Tell You Anything

If employees feel comfortable talking to you about potential safety hazards, you’ll eliminate most accidents before they happen. Workers spot random threats all the time, but why would they risk telling you about them?

People will assume it’s not worth the risk in case you get angry about their attitude. Make sure everyone knows you’re open to listening to their findings. Put someone else in charge if you have too many employees.

Do Anything You Think Will Help

Do everything possible to create a safer work environment, even if it’s barely worth mentioning. Your workplace will still be a tiny bit safer in the future.