Season 2 of Sex Education was published earlier this year, and it featured some new love interests, thrilling returns of some familiar faces, and, of course, a Chlamydia outbreak!

This program has been a hit since its first season premiered, and we can’t get enough of season two. This series has an engrossing quality to it that reminds us that we all lack some qualities that can improve our sex and relationships. We wish we had known some things sooner so that we might have handled relationships better. Now, we’re about to reminisce about the life lessons that only Sex Education could teach us.

Even if you aren’t a teenager and have had hundreds of sexual encounters, you should take a look. You’ve got it!

5 Life Lessons that only Sex Education teaches us better

  1. Talk about Sex its normal!

The importance of sex education in our life is one of the most important lessons learned from Sex Education. When it comes to discussing sex, many of us are simply uncomfortable. Sex Education gives you a taste of what it’s like to be educated about sex and to be more understanding of each other’s sexual experiences.

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Do you recall the scenario in which one of the students becomes infected with a sexually transmitted disease? You might recall how everyone became panicked simply because they were misinformed. We’ve all heard stories about how friendships and reputations may have been preserved if only people realized how information gets passed around. If someone has a sexual issue like erectile dysfunctions, it can be solved with Kamagra 100mg oral jelly.

  • LGBTQ sex education should be there

Why is sex education for LGBTQ people so undervalued? Do we recognize how critical it is for the LGBTQ community to learn how to have sex in a safe and comfortable manner?

After Episode 6, when Anwar comes to Otis with a problem that he doesn’t know how to solve, we all realize something is wrong with our thinking. With a detailed description in the biology lab, Rahim walks him through the what-ifs and how-tos of douching.

Don’t you think LGBTQ day classes should be developed to teach the community how to become sexually active and how to have fun with their homosexual partners?

  • How to bring in something new to your bedroom

Everyone experiences sex differently, and no episode better exemplifies this than the one in which Mr. Hendricks and Miss Sands were enjoying their growing relationship. At the same time, they were having problems with their sexual lives.

Miss Sands enjoys nasty talk, and Mr. Hendricks isn’t very good at it. We watch him attempting to impress her lady love during sex by scribbling notes on his hands. When one wants something and, the other is a misfit, the situation becomes strange. Isn’t it true that what you do in such a moment determines the future of your romantic bond?

After all of this, Mr. Hendricks is curious as to why Miss Sands enjoys nasty conversations so much. ‘I feel like a dowdy teacher all day, so when I get home, I want to escape and feel… beautiful,’ she explains. This teaches Mr. Hendricks that it’s the sentiments that matter, not the words. As a result, going mutual is a better option.

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  • Feel free to express your wants & likes

In Episode 2, while things were heating up between Otis and Ola, you could see Otis becoming agitated. Otis is curious to search the internet for “how to finger” because he doesn’t know how to make a girl feel pleasurable during intercourse. After mastering the technique known as “The Clock,” he becomes concerned.

Otis finally gives it a shot, assuming Ola was interested. He even brags to Eric about his new sex god status. Lily later informed him about Ola’s agony during his arduous jobbing. Ola finally admits to Otis that he is terrible at fingering and that they will never have to do it again. She also proposes to Otis that she show him what she likes. That’s a very open and honest statement!

When you’re ready to open up about your likes and dislikes, it sends a clear message to your partner that he or she may know the dos and don’ts without having to worry. It is, after all, the secret to a happier and more lasting relationship.

  • Losing your Virginity isn’t the only big deal

This is something we’ve all gone through as children. It’s a popular belief that people would rather lose their virginity to someone they love and want to spend the rest of their lives with. In Episode 5, the same thing happens to Otis and Ola.

Otis had always imagined falling in love with the person with whom he would lose his virginity or have his first intercourse. He knew he didn’t love Ola and was going to have sex with her. Finally, he approaches Ola and expresses his love for her, which he knows will never exist. He did it all because he didn’t want his dream to come to an end. Ola tells Otis that they aren’t meant to be friends, and they don’t love each other.

Do you have any idea why we all think the way we do? We don’t have anything to compare it to because it’s our first sexual encounter. We may have sex with numerous partners later on, but the first time is exceptional because we allow someone inside our private parts for the first time, which is a heightened pleasure in and of it’ self. That is all there is to it.

The Bottom Line

Netflix’s Sex Education is more of a lesson than a series, believe it or not. We had no idea we needed such an eye-opener to teach the teen and adult generations how to strengthen relationships and think beyond intimacy to better understand people. Visit: