For many people, online dating has long become a routine in a busy daily schedule: a few swipes, a short conversation – and you are already invited on a date. However, dating apps have a lot of pitfalls, from security issues and potential lies in the account of the interlocutor to embarrassment at the first meeting with someone you barely know. Our dating experts have shared these tips to help you avoid disappointment when dating online.

  1. Don’t take rejection personally

If you haven’t had a “match” with a potential partner, or if they have suddenly disappeared from the chat, don’t try to look for flaws in yourself and just move on. We do not recommend looking for confirmation of your attractiveness and significance in dating services since, according to statistics, only half of all matches end in at least a short conversation. Thus, don’t get disappointed if one of the hot Ukrainian girls on has ignored your message. 

If the rejection hurts you, it is better to share your feelings with someone close to you. “It is essential to resist the feeling of rejection. Surround yourself with family and friends, discuss your feelings, and allow others to support you and make sense of your experience,” this is what psychologists recommend.

  1. Don’t try to be appreciated

If you still have a correspondence, do not try to adapt to the interlocutor and do your best to please them. Even if you end up with nothing in common, it’s better to figure it out during the remote dating phase than to endure awkward pauses or lie about your interests when you meet. Make sure that pleasing other people with your answers or behavior does not have a priority over your own well-being.

  1. Take care of your security

In addition to the obvious recommendations such as having a real photo of the interlocutor and meeting for the first time only in crowded places, experts advise to “beware of premature declarations of love and requests to send intimate pictures.” If something seems too good to be true, or if you feel like everything is happening too fast – be careful. Remember that although you may feel a connection with a person, he/she is still a stranger. If your interlocutor sends insults, threats, prohibited content, etc., you need to urgently contact the support service and describe the situation. As a rule, suspicious accounts are promptly blocked by the administration.

  1. Take a break

If you have been trying to find a partner on a dating app for a long time and your attempts only bring disappointment, it is better to stop and take a break from texting and swiping. Psychologists advise looking around and doing something interesting offline. For example, take a walk with friends, visit relatives or find a new hobby. Perhaps the potential partner is waiting for you outside the dating app. Don’t be afraid to take a break from online dating. You can always return to the Internet.

  1. Avoid high expectations

When you get to know someone, you should understand that this is a human with their advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you should be picky in choosing a partner, but when you apply unattainable demands on a person, you push them away from you. Any idealization of the interlocutor only exacerbates your attitude toward what is happening, and high expectations can spoil any meeting.

Do not rush during the first date. It concerns not only actions but also your thoughts. So, if after the first meeting, you immediately move on to active actions and begin to shower the interlocutor with your attention, this can frighten them, even with the existing initial sympathy. Give your relationship time to develop and don’t rush things.

In Conclusion

When dating a person online, you need to understand that you are not yet a part of his/her close circle of friends. Even if the interlocutor is extremely nice to you, and you understand this in the first minutes of communication, you are still a stranger, and your persistent looks, attention, questions, and obsession frightens and seems inappropriate. Try to keep an easy and reasonable distance, and let your potential partner explore you at his/her own pace.