Did you know that scams linked to Geek Squad are being practised across the globe? Did you be aware that the scam earned more than $22K in handful of African countries that is a massive sum in the local currency? Also, did you realize that scams associated with Geek Squad have been trending across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada from June to July 2021?

Check out the latest facts about the Geek Squad scam below.


Geek Squad is an antivirus and software solution service provider. They also provide repair services for every kind of computer equipment. As you might have guessed, that to access advanced features of antivirus software, or to access AMC to repair devices customers must pay a subscription fee for a year.

Scammers used their Geek Squad brand to target innocent individuals. Customers were sent an email from ‘Payment_Details regardless of whether they had used any of the products offered by Geek Squad. The email stated that a certain value ($280, $399.99, and $987) was automatically charged to the account of the customer because the customer had opted to renew their subscription automatically.

About Geek Squad Billing Scam :

The email stated that the Geek Squad services were renewed for the next two or three years. The email mentioned their invoice numbers, the product name and subject line , along with the plan number. However, the name of the product did not specify the if it was an antivirus or AMC. In addition, the email contained a contact number for the customer to call to challenge the charges.

It was the most effective scam! The scammers demanded that people call them in order to dispute the charges. Unfortunately, a lot of innocent individuals fell into the scam and rang the number. The perpetrator of Geek Squad scam asked them to remotely look over their computer to see if there were the presence of any Geek Squad products that were installed. The scammer then appeared as if they had billed the victim in error.

The next step was that the scammer made the request for refund before the customer. But, they acted in a way to make a refund of the higher amount! For instance that for a cost of $399.99 that was disclosed by the email sent, the fraudster decided to issue a refund of $4000.00 by mistake.

The scammer then asked the victims to pay back the difference through BestBuy gift coupons or codes that can be bought on the internet and then notified via phone. In the Geek Squad Security Scam,people were misled to believe that the amount stated in the request for refund cannot be altered as well as BestBuy coupons are usually accepted for repayment since Geek Squad is associated with BestBuy.


The purpose of gift coupons is to be given away, therefore it isn’t possible to keep track of transfer history! The scammer is not traceable since the transaction is not visible in the account of the bank, PayPal electronic wallet or credit cards! So, there’s no reason to notifying financial institutions of fraud!

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