A renovation project, no matter the scale, can immediately upgrade the look of your space. Just a few alterations and your place is as good as new and it’s also the best way to incorporate all modern amenities into your home. While a good renovation can do wonders for your home if not undertaken properly it can ruin the look of your home. So is the case with a kitchen renovation.

Today, most people undertake a kitchen renovation to bring their kitchen up-to-date with modern times while enhancing both its aesthetics and functionality. While a renovation project is good enough to bring in these desired changes, the only condition is that you need to proceed with it in the right manner. So, to help you out, from our kitchen renovation company in Sydney, we have brought for you 5 kitchen renovation mistakes that you need to avoid at any cost.

Let’s have a look at what these 5 mistakes are.

1.  Not Prioritising Functionality

What is a modern kitchen if not functional? A kitchen is the hub of activities at your home and involves the use of a lot of appliances, utensils, and ingredients and it’s in the kitchen that these appliances are stored. So, a kitchen should not just be beautiful but fulfil all the functional requirements that it is supposed to. It should have space where you could store your oven, refrigerator, etc., should have cabinets and cupboards for storage purposes, and ample space around your doors and windows. So, have your priorities set and make sure that all your needs are addressed through your renovation project.

Tips to Design a Functional Kitchen

  1. Make sure to leave enough walking space on the sides of your kitchen island.
  2. Install your dishwasher in close proximity to the space where you would be keeping your dishes.
  3. Build as many cabinets and cupboards as possible.
  4. Invest in built-in kitchen appliances.
  5. Make sure to plan ahead and make enough space for every appliance or anything that you want to store in your kitchen.

2.  Inefficient Management of Space

In every kitchen renovation project, the space is limited and your expectations are always sky-high. So, what you need to do is manage your space as efficiently as possible and make space for all the important additions. You should not cramp up your kitchen without leaving any breathing space and nor should you leave it bare trying to go for a luxurious feel. It should all feel natural, there should be a proper balance. So, don’t try to install everything that you see out there in the market, just stick to the necessities but at the same time don’t go for a too minimalistic style as it would hamper the functionality of your kitchen. What you need to do is create a proper layout, have your priorities set, try to envision how your kitchen would look after the renovations, and then proceed accordingly.

3.  Ignoring Your Family’s Needs

A kitchen comes at the centre of any household, so, when renovating your kitchen you need to make sure that it’s built in a way to meet all the needs of your family. What you need to do is properly consider everything that your family might need and plan your kitchen space accordingly.

Things Every Kitchen Needs

  1. A work surface that is durable and would stand the test of time.
  2. An eating area where your family could come together and enjoy their meals.
  3. Switch to the latest technology and install modern appliances with sensors and remote/mobile control technology.
  4. Install child locks in case you have children in your home for their safety.
  5. Adaptable lighting to meet your family’s moods.
  6. Empty spaces around your kitchen in case a friend or family member wishes to engage in a conversation while cooking.

4.  Proceeding Without a Proper Plan

Never initiate a kitchen renovation project without a proper plan. Starting from the cabinets, countertops, walking spaces to lighting and even kitchen tiling have it all planned beforehand. You must have a vibe in mind that you wish to adorn your kitchen with, may it be modern or traditional, and to make sure that everything aligns with this vibe you need to create a proper plan. Also important here is preparing a proper budget for your kitchen renovation project. You cannot go around splurging your money in the beginning and run out of funds towards the end. That would be nothing less than a nightmare.

5.  Insufficient Storage Space

A kitchen is not just where you cook but also where you store all your kitchen appliances, utensils, dishes, and cooking ingredients. And if you don’t have enough storage space, organising your kitchen would be an impossible task. Many people engage in kitchen renovation exactly because of this, so, when you are undertaking this work, make sure that you install enough cabinets and cupboards and plan your space in a way that you install as much storage space as possible.

So, these were the 5 mistakes that you should avoid when you are renovating a kitchen and the easiest way to do this is by hiring a home extension company. In case you have any such plans, get in touch with us at Inspired Kitchen and have our experts undertake your kitchen renovation work in the most efficient manner.