Painting by Number is a painting kit, which includes a canvas, brushes, paints, a color picture and a schematic image, that is, as the manufacturers claim, everything you need to create a picture.

The diagrams or checklists in the kits are usually black and white, less often in color. Paint can be acrylic or oil-based, and the canvas is cardboard, canvas or wood, necessarily primed, with outlines and numbers.

Such a simple activity brings a lot of benefits to people. Consider some of them below.

  1. Unleashing creativity

Probably someone thinks the painting by numbers for adults trivial child coloring. It’s an incredibly useful hobby for adults, allowing you to relax and relieve nervous tension, as well as the first step toward creativity, the opportunity to feel like a true artist, to realize their childhood dreams in painting and decorating your home interior. If you haven’t painted by number before, it’s time to try it immediately. Having done it once, you can not stop. All the more so to create your masterpiece of fine art is not expensive, it looks amazing and is very easy to do.

  1. Improve your concentration with the help of drawing by numbers

Distracted thinking today is not only inherent in children but also in many adults. Because of the frantic rhythm of life and instability, the ability to concentrate is greatly reduced. And drawing helps to restore it. Again because this process focuses on all the cells of the brain. This effect of drawing on the brain is similar to meditation, during which all unnecessary thoughts go away. It is as if the brain is cleansed as if it is resting. Meditation can be replaced by drawing. And psychologists have long used this technique called art therapy.

  1. Drawing by numbers reduces stress 

We live in an age where anxiety disorder is one of the first of all diseases. There are a variety of techniques to cure anxiety. And some people even have to take medication. Once again, drawing comes to the rescue. It reduces anxiety already in half an hour after the beginning of the drawing.

  1.  Use it as a meditation

When you’re painting, you’re focused only on the process. Your brain has no time to think about problems at work, lack of money, or even everyday problems. The brain is completely absorbed in the process of drawing lines, casting shadows, and selecting the right color. All of this completely displaces the thinking garbage from your brain and helps you find peace for your brain. You will get a lot of positive energy, you will relax mentally, psychologically and physically.

  1. Develop your talent

Perhaps you have dreamed of becoming a famous artist, designer or architect. Drawing helps you identify your aesthetic needs and successfully realize them. You don’t have to become an artist in the narrow sense of the word. Regularly using drawing by numbers, you can parallel successfully realize yourself in your vocation. This can be design, architecture, the beauty industry or any interesting and creative activity.

What’s especially fun, any paint-by-number set already includes everything you need: numbered cans of paints, one or more brushes, instructions, a checklist for checking your shades, cardboard or a canvas with a stretcher bed divided into sectors marked by numbers, varnish mix, and wall mounts for the finished painting. You can immediately start creating, it’s very easy! But first, it’s worth choosing the desired painting base and getting acquainted with coloring tips.