One of the major ways to transport goods from one place to another is transporting goods via truck. These commercial trucks are massive and cover the whole lane when they are out there on the roads. 

Although there are several safety protocols these truck drivers follow, accidents are uncertain things, and even a small mistake can cause a truck accident. In addition, accidents between two cars might not be as dangerous as accidents between cars and trucks.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, contact Los Angeles truck accident lawyers. They are professionals in dealing with these kinds of cases and know how to deal with all the odds.

This article will discuss the things that you need to do right after a truck-car accident.

Immediate Things To Do After A Truck-Car Accident

A truck-car accident can result in disaster. Most of the time, the person involved with a truck in a car accident accrues life-threatening injuries. When this type of accident happens, the only thing prioritized here is to give immediate medical attention.

However, by god grace, you are safe and came out of the accident with minor injuries; there are a few things that you need to do right after a truck-car accident.

1. Call The Police

After a truck-car accident, call the police. Police will ensure that the road is cleared out. They will also be able to help the other victims of the accident. In addition, police will control the accident scene and ensure that a further complication happens.

In Addition to that, a police officer makes a report of the accident scene, which is necessary to file a lawsuit to claim insurance money. So, even if the accident is minor, get a police report. The police report is the only immediate documentation of the accident. 

2. Seek Medical Attention

Sometimes the injury is not to the point where you think you need medical attention. However, no matter what the case is, you must take a medical test or seek medical attention right after the accident.

There are legal catches to seek medical attention right after the accident. When the Whiplash Injury surfaces, you won’t be able to show any connection to the car accident later on.

3. Document The Accident Scene

Although we are adding this to our list, you should be doing things only if you’re in good condition to do so. If there is even a pinch of pain in your body, that it might be a sign of a serious injury, stay put, do not come out of your car, and let the police handle everything.

However, if you have only minor bruises, and feel safe walking around, take some photos of the accident case. This can be used to build your case. 

4. Write Down Contact Information

When an accident happens, there are always a few eyewitnesses who have seen the whole accident happening right before their eyes. These witnesses can leave the scene right after the immediate response team arrives at the scene. However, before they can leave the scene, you can take their contact numbers for future help.

5. Do Not Admit Fault Or Liability

Even if you are at fault, do not accept your fault or talk about it to the other. Yes, you do not have to lie about the fault, but do not give officers intricate details about the truth. Let that talk be reserved only for your lawyer. The police will try their best to know as many things as possible out of you; you have full right to be silent and let your lawyers talk for you.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

A truck-car accident does not end well. If your injuries are serious and you feel like you are entitled to compensation and damages accrued during the accident, contact a trusted personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers are aware of these kinds of cases and can assist you with their experience in these cases and knowledge of the law. In addition to that, they act as an anchor for your case and handle every facet.

Whether we are talking about health insurance, car insurance, or calculating the true value of your injury claims, they will ensure you get the best result out of everything.