I grew up as a child who frequently suffered from throat problems mainly bouts of strep throat. But the problem became severe when I suddenly noticed that something was stuck in my throat. I thought it was some ‘Globus sensation’ and tried to get rid of it until I became unable to swallow. I noticed some whitish blotches on my tonsil.

My secret surgical procedure to cure tonsil stones

The problem persisted, and I became habitual of temporarily treating it with a stupid human hack. Every time I noticed the white blotches, I used the backside of a syringe to push my tonsil and a yellowish object popped out of my tonsil. I became habitual of seeing a gravel-sized object coming out of my tonsil! Yes, you hear it right! A stone used to come out of my tonsil!

One day, while attempting to perform this secret surgical procedure, I rigorously scratched the worst itch and got scared seeing my throat bleeding. Following this, I rushed to the best ENT specialist in Islamabad, and the physician told me that I was suffering from tonsil stones.

What are tonsil stones?

Further, into an explanation, tonsils are mushroom-shaped glands present at the backside of our throat. The tonsils are part of the lymphatic system and have the job to filter bacteria before they could go any deep. Talking about the structure of tonsils, they have a pocket in which debris, mucus and food particles get trapped forming small globs which act as a food source for bacteria. These small globs are known as ‘tonsil stones’ or ‘tonsilloliths’.

Tonsil stones are basically the nasty calcifications in our tonsils and can cause discomfort or even problem in swallowing. The presence of tonsil stones can be indicated by several symptoms including;

1- Halitosis or bad breath due to bacteria feeding on these stones

2- Globus sensation that something is stuck inside your throat

3- Throat soreness

4- Tonsil inflammation or chronic tonsil infection

5- Painful swallowing

6- Cough or pain in the ear

Home remedies for tonsil stones

I was based in Islamabad and was fortunate to find the best ENT specialist at Noor Clinic. The physician treated me for the tonsil stones through medicines and finally, I got rid of hard rocks in my throat. My whole experience with tonsil stones enabled me to come across some of the effective home remedies to relieve the problem. So, if you are facing a similar issue here are some of the effective home remedies that could possibly help you;

1- Apple cider vinegar is your friend!

Just like me, you may not like the pungent odor of apple cider vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is the most effective treatment for tonsil stones. This timesaving hack allows you to dilute the vinegar with water and gargle. The acidity of apple cider vinegar can easily break down the stones.

2- Chew garlic

You have probably heard your favorite radio jockey telling how garlic can help to lose weight. Well, I don’t know if garlic can help you to lose weight but it can surely help you with the tonsil stones. The commonly used kitchen ingredient has antibacterial properties that can help to prevent bacterial infection in your throat. Other than garlic several other vegetables and dairy products such as onion, carrots, and yogurt can also help to prevent tonsil stones.

3- Essential oils

Just like all other ingredients and solutions, essential oils are quite effective in the treatment of tonsil stones. Besides being an effective lubricant, these essential oils are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. Both these properties make essential oils an effective way to treat tonsil stones.

4- An apple a day keeps tonsil stones away!

The food you eat has a direct effect on all your body functions. No one can deny the role of fruits and veggies in human health. Apple has a slightly acidic nature thus; it can act as a deterrent to bacterial growth.

5- Use a low-pressure irrigator

Apart from these preventive measures, if you are able to see the tonsil stone you can try physically removing it. But make sure that you aren’t using the backside of the syringe just like me. Rather the safest approach to treat tonsil stone is using a cotton swab. A gentle press using the swab or even your finger can make the stone pop out your tonsil and you can then spit it out.


Tonsil stones are quite common and can result from mild to severe consequences. However, proper oral hygiene and the use of food having antibacterial properties can help you to effectively fight them. In case you have persistent tonsil stones, it is advisable to visit a specialist and find a workable treatment plan for yourself.