It is no secret that the economy has taken a considerable hit since the advent of the pandemic. As a result, millions of individuals now find themselves unemployed and in search of job opportunities. For anyone looking for a new line of work, the good news is that there are plenty of jobs that are in high demand.

These in-demand job titles offer long-term growth to applicants with many employers are looking to fill various positions across industries. If you are in the market for a new career path, here are 5 high paying careers to consider in 2021:

Product management

According to Digital Authority, product managers are some of the most highly sought-after people today. Product management has become a critical function for the modern business that wants to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. Product management generally involves handling all phases of a product life cycle as effectively as possible.

A product manager is responsible for setting the tone for a product. It is also the product manager’s role to chart the customers’ pain points while leading the production team. Some companies refer to product managers differently with the most common variations being program manager, project manager, as well as product marketing manager.

What’s so special about the role of a product manager is that it can vary greatly from one organization to the next. Some product managers not only have to deal with product scoping, development, and positioning, but they also have to be in charge of marketing, distribution, and advertising. In some companies, product managers don’t have to deal with distribution or advertising as that’s a job that’s typically reserved for another C-suite executive, the Chief Marketing Officer.

Front line e-commerce workers

The pandemic has changed the world as we knew it. As numerous retailers suddenly needed to transition to an online environment in order to get their products into the hands of customers during this pandemic, the demand for front-line eCommerce workers jumped up and the boom has persisted ever since.

Front line eCommerce workers such as drivers, package handlers, personal shoppers, as well as supply chain managers are in such high demand that it has become almost impossible to find the right people for the job. Between the shortage of workers, business closures, and shipping delays, retailers have had a particularly challenging last few months.

Many businesses have found it difficult to keep their deliveries and supplies up partly due to a lack of staff members to handle everything. This inability for businesses to attract and retain front-line workers continues to disrupt operations for many businesses, which explains why front-line e-commerce workers are in such high demand and why employers are willing to pay a pretty penny to retain them.

Healthcare support staff

Healthcare support staff members such as healthcare assistants, dental assistants, and home health aides are also in extremely high demand these days. Forced to grapple with limited personnel and resources, healthcare facilities nationwide have been struggling to provide adequate care for their patients. At the same time, the pandemic has served to highlight just how critical healthcare workers have become to the overall economy.

Today, healthcare support staff are needed more than ever. Last year, however, numerous healthcare services including dentistry and chiropractic, which are generally considered essential, were forced to cancel elective procedures and appointments, thus causing massive layoffs and furloughs across hospitals and institutions.

That said, now that the vaccination process has been underway for some time now, these front-line workers are more in demand than ever. So much so that healthcare jobs are now projected to grow by as much as 20% this year alone. Because of the aging population, the surge for these healthcare jobs such as nurse practitioners, and physician assistance, is expected to last long after the pandemic has passed.

Information security analysts

With more and more businesses investing heavily in technology, the need for information security analysts has never been clearer. Cyber threats have continued to become more sophisticated as time has progressed. As such, to meet the growing demands of a more secure space, the cybersecurity workforce has grown tremendously.

Information security analysts are responsible for taking necessary measures to safeguard a company’s sensitive information and critical data so that the business can remain one step ahead of cyber attackers. Information security analysts do this by creating innovative solutions that protect a company’s sensitive information from being stolen.

Thanks to the rise of hackers as well as data breaches sweeping across the country, there has arisen a greater need to keep personal and top-secret information safe. Most information security analysts protect data by developing firewalls, as well as encrypting data transmissions so that information can be kept secure at all times.

Speech-language pathologists

Speech-language pathologists have become more in demand over the last couple of years as communication disorders have become more widespread. Speech-language pathology is a field of know-how concerned with the study and treatment of individuals suffering from speech, language, as well as swallowing challenges.

Speech-language pathologists are also commonly referred to as speech therapists. These professionals work with a broad array of physical and cognitive disorders that cause communication problems. More commonly, speech therapists deal with people who have issues articulating themselves due to one reason or other such as stuttering, phonics, vocalization, as well as word finding.

Speech pathologists work with clients of all ages ranges from adults to children. Aside from working directly with clients, speech pathologists often work in areas of research and education carrying out varying roles and responsibilities. Because these pathologists are in such high demand it is rare to see one that’s hired on a full-time basis. In most scenarios, speech-language pathologists work as needed or on a part-time basis.

Final Thoughts

Things may have been tough in the last year, but the world is finally starting to bounce back. These careers we have discussed here are primarily specialized. As such, if you would like to pursue any of them, it may be worth finding out which educational opportunities are available in your region.