Did you know that motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die from an accident than drivers in other vehicles?

While motorcycle accidents don’t happen as often as other types of collisions, it’s important to have an accident prevention plan to avoid these high fatality rates. You will find a lot more in detail by the professional hand of Hirsch and Lyon Accident Law firm. For every particular situation, there are also certain actions and procedures to be taken. Never miss that fact.

Do you want to know how you can make the roads safer while you ride a motorcycle? Keep reading to learn 5 important accident prevention tips for motorcyclists.

1. Increase Your Visibility on the Roads

The sad fact is that most collisions are preventable accidents. One of the top causes of motorcycle accidents is not being seen by other drivers. With this in mind, you should try your best to avoid staying in drivers’ blind spots, wear bright and reflective clothing, and always turn your headlights on no matter what time of the day it is.

2. Avoid Inclement Weather Whenever Possible

Although it’s impossible for any of us to control the weather, we can get a pretty good idea of what the conditions will be like each day and prepare accordingly. Accident prevention safety is all about avoiding driving when you know road conditions will be treacherous. Unless something urgent is happening, it’s in your best interest to stay off the roads when it’s rainy or snowy outside.

3. Be a Smart, Defensive Driver

The best auto accident prevention tip is to be a smart and defensive driver. We can’t control the actions of other drivers, but we can always be aware of our surroundings and try to steer clear of danger. Whenever you’re on your motorcycle, be sure to avoid speeding, tailgating, and other reckless behaviors.

4. Safety First

When shopping for a motorcycle it’s a good idea to take into account the size, shape, and maneuverability of the bike you select. If you get a bike that looks amazing but you struggle to hold it up at a stop light, or you find it cumbersome to ride personally, this can lead to unsafe conditions and unexpected problems. If you have a small frame body, it’s a good idea to find a bike that fits and feels comfortable to your size and strength. If you get a big motorcycle that’s heavy and you don’t have the built-up strength to hold it up this could cause a bunch of problems you don’t need. You want to ride safe, and comfortably so your attention is on the road not trying to stabilize the bike.

5. Complete Regular Motorcycle Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to check out your tires and headlights before you hop on your motorcycle to ensure they’re in great condition. Since motorcycle tires are smaller and you only have two, any leaks can deflate your tires faster. In addition, you should never procrastinate on changing your oil and doing other regular maintenance tasks.

6. Pay Extra Attention to Left Turns and Intersections

While accidents can happen anywhere at any time, they’re most likely to occur when you’re making a left turn or entering an intersection. Left turns force drivers to cross oncoming lanes of traffic and intersections can get confusing or cause people to become impatient. Because of this, it’s important to exercise extra caution during those moments so you can avoid getting hit.

Bonus: Wear Protective Gear for Accident Injury Prevention

While wearing protective gear won’t necessarily help prevent an accident, it can save your life if an accident ever does occur. Never drive without a helmet and make sure your clothes provide full coverage and padding to avoid road rash and other terrible injuries.

These Motorcycle Accident Prevention Tips Can Save Lives

If you follow this accident prevention guide, you can take on the roads with confidence any day. Are you passionate about living your best life? If so, make sure you check out the rest of our site to discover more awesome tips.