Does your pale or fair skin type consume off the effects of highlighter? Want to have that angular face with low and high points for slimmer-glimmer? Highlighters are the perfect beauty products, but you need to be picky in order to have the perfect finish with the best highlighters for fair skin. These artificially add a stunning glow to the applied region which is mostly the cheeks, your forehead and nose-bridge. With the slightest amount used at the right skin patch gets you all dolled up and mesmerizing. Here is a quick guide to face-lift the features to a majestically younger self. Fall in love with yourself all over again, for the depth and sheen added to your facial skin with a pinch of highlighters to back you up!

Firstly know the ones that exactly show up some luminizing effects for the fair skin types. Pearlescent, icy silver, lilac shades, champagne green  and the ones giving out some pink to peach tinge. These are the most popular highlighters for the paleness of the skin. This is just the tip of the desirable ice-bergs that actually describes the real life effect of the highlighted skin types. Also make sure that the pale skin is not decked with totally warm tones, cancelling out the highlighter sheen on the fair skin.

Hacks to Hone the Highlighters on Fair Skin

  • Prep up your facial skin with exfoliation and cleansing. Moisturise and move on ladies!
  • Next you need a flawless base to apply the Blushes and Highlighters on. With foundation brushed up and blended to the skin surface, use the concealer to deal with the dark circles in the under eye region, chin, any left out blemishes. Also fill up the lips with deep shades of solid lipstick colour as the fair skin and such lipstick shades are the killer combination.
  • Use cooler shades of eyeshadows and blushes. Do not hesitate to have the warm tones if you wish but that will look too much or overdone on the pale skin. Hence stick with the cooler- metallic, satin and lighter shades of blushes and eyeshadows.
  • Add depth to your cheeks with circular brush motion and slight pressing to have slightly prominent shade on them.
  • Now use the highlighter dusted on the brush over apples of the cheek, cupid’s bow, nose tip, lower chin, just above the eyebrow and the collarbones if visible and not covered by your apparels for the special time ahead. If it seems underdone, run the brush on the highlighted region softly to make it seem perfectly natural. All done and now set it with a makeup spray. Don’t forget to close your eyes when spritzing.

If the creamy versions of these cooler shades are adopted for the warm tones with respect to the fair skin type, the makeup really takes off to polished, thinner and angular facial features.

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While deciding for the highlighter try it on the fair skin patch of the wrist for confirming it’s sheen on the facial skin. Golden and silver shimmer highlighters are also compatible with the fair skin types when the glow you need is much celebrated in the sassy party times. These measures are rarely spoken in civic circles. So rip off the old routine of contouring, highlighting and you can blindly trust these for sculpted results. 

The oily skin types in the fair or pale textures can opt for the tiniest bit of highlighter to make it glow. If this step is missed out then it is completely normal, as the skin naturally glows due to its nature. To have bolder looks with the oily skin types, the powdered ones are the best highlighters for fair skin. The highlighted portions appear so pleasing and become epitome of perfection to forget all the imperfections around and concentrate in the moment. It holds the psychological key to attract some eyes and of course turn heads to notice you from the usual makeup mobs.