Imagine this: you see something in your neighborhood that needs lobbying for. Perhaps, helping out all those increasing numbers of homeless people who are unable to find any suitable employment or a place to sleep, especially when it gets to the winter months. You wish you could do something to change this situation, but you have no idea how to begin.

You start wondering about how to find your representative, so perhaps you can get them to instigate some change. But government communication isn’t like everyday communication or even business communication. It’s much more complicated and has deeper nuances. 

Let’s read to find out how to get a bill passed using some government communication tips. 

1. Always Have Real-World Examples to Make Your Case

Politicians and civil servants can lobby for your ideas easier if they have real-world ideas to pull from, especially if those ideas are successful in their implementation. Do your research and bring forth ideas that are already doing good in the world, or come with real evidence that your idea will work in the real world.

2. Keep Things Apolitical

Don’t narrow your audience by politicizing your ideas or suggestions. The fewer politics you can bring into it and the more factual you can stay, the more likely they are to keep their minds open to your idea and not be swayed in one or another direction.

3. Don’t Waste Their Time – Stay on Point and Succinct

Politicians and civil servants are time-poor, even more so than the normal individual. If you are going to go to them with an idea for change, then you need to stay on point, and not meander too much to nonessential information. Rehearse your pitch many times with friends and family and keep it to less than 5 minutes if you can.

4. Be Clear about Risks and Challenges

You don’t want to beat around the bush with savvy civil servants. They have seen it all and done it all. The more forthcoming you can be with them about all the risks and challenges, all the things that could wayside your project, the better it will be in the long run for you.

5. Use the Services of a Lobbyist

If you are uncomfortable going at it alone, consider hiring a lobbyist who does this for a living. Learn more about what a lobbyist like the Lockhart Group does and how they can help you. They might be the messiah that you’ve been searching for.

Government Communication Needs to Be Impactful and Concrete

As seen above, government communication is quite nuanced and not something that comes naturally to every layperson. If you are unwilling or unable to build this communication skill, then find someone who does lobbying for a living. Rely on an expert and get your wished-for change implemented.

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