Do you believe in ghosts? With the amount of reported paranormal activity in the US, it may be time to start!

Thankfully, one of the most essential ghost-hunting tools is free and at your fingertips. That’s right, Google and its robust programs like reverse image search and translation can be a great asset when hunting down any spirit you may encounter.

Beyond that, you’ll also want to invest in a digital device and a spooky recorder! Both are surprisingly cheap, making them perfect tools for amateur ghost hunters.

What other ghost hunting tools else are there? Keep reading to find out more!

1. Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is one of the most popular ghost-hunting tools you should know. It promotes communication between the spiritual and mortal realms, providing them with a medium to connect. Its instructions are simple: two people place their fingers on the planchette, ask questions, and watch as the piece moves across the board’s letters to spell out the spirit’s answers.

The movement of the planchette can be attributed to energy from the spirits, which is why it is so often used in ghost-hunting sessions. Though only some sessions you conduct will be successful, it remains a fascinating source of mystery and understanding.

2. Digital Voice Recorder

A digital voice recorder is a powerful ghost-hunting tool that many paranormal researchers and ghost hunters swear by. It’s a lightweight and user-friendly tool that will record audio so you can listen back and analyze any unexpected spikes in the audio.

It’s important to remember that people can’t always hear the subtle sounds in their recordings, and the digital recorder makes it easier to pick up those quiet noises.

3. Infrared Thermal Camera

A thermal infrared camera is a tool that detects small temperature changes, usually in the infrared range, that may indicate a paranormal anomaly. The camera records minor temperature differences, often interpreted as paranormal activity.

A great benefit of using a thermal infrared camera is that it offers extended range and sensitivity, making detecting ghosts and other entities easier. This technology allows you to view and photograph anomalies quickly.

4. EMF Detector

An EMF Electromagnetic Field Detector (EMF ED) measures and records electromagnetic field emissions from unidentified sources. The presence of these emissions could indicate the presence of paranormal activity.

EMF EDs update frequently to detect the latest reports and indicators of paranormal activity. This makes it a go-to device for most paranormal investigators, as it can help them see any unexpected wave patterns in their environment.

5. Dowsing Rods

A dowsing rod is a simple tool consisting of two metal rods and a handle. To use a dowsing rod, you hold the handle in both hands, with one rod in each hand. When a ghostly presence is near, the rods will cross or twist.

It is believed that the rods move in reaction to the paranormal energy. It is possible to determine where a ghost is located with practice.

Talk to Spirits With These Ghost Hunting Tools

Overall, no matter your experience level in ghost hunting, familiarizing yourself with the variety of tools at your disposal is critical to identifying any paranormal activity.

Research the magical world and its different tools to familiarize yourself with the best types of equipment to equip you on your ghost-hunting journey. Get started today and discover what lies beyond the veil!

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