Today, tennis has become very popular. A prominent representative of professional tennis, according to Wikipedia, is the young American athlete Maxim Cressy. Born May 8, 1997, in France in the city of Paris in a mixed French-American family. As the youngest child, he, in his opinion, grew up in the shadow of his two older brothers – Jonathan and Mathieu. What developed in him the will to compete, courage and perseverance. If you plan to bet on this athlete in the future, we advise you to look at the Maxime Cressy score. This will help you prepare a winning strategy.

5 facts about Maxim Cressy

The main facts from life:

  1. He started playing tennis from an early age, from the age of 4. When he turned 14, his elbow began to hurt, which, according to him, determined his sports career. He opted for a serve-and-volley tactic to avoid giving up matches. In France, where the young tennis player started, no one wanted to develop such a method, so moving to the USA was predetermined by fate itself.
  2. In America, he entered the famous UCLA and signed up for the local tennis team. At first, he did not work out with the game, since the classical form of the game was difficult for him. Only after meeting coach Billy Martin, who helped Maxim focus on his serve-and-volley method, his success went up.
  3. Maxim Cressy tries not to think about his opponent during the game. You always need to focus only on the game, no matter what tactical moves your opponent makes. A psychological attack has always been used against an opponent in a competition. Its methods are different, so you need to completely turn off all emotions, see just a ball and racket.
  4. It is curious to know about this that the mother of Maxim Cressy was a skilled volleyball player.
  5. Cressy attended UCLA from 2015 to 2019, where he played college tennis.

The American of French origin has not yet had any big victories. But on good platforms, it succeeds. By the way, if you are interested in tennis, we advise you to read an interesting article: Tending to Grass, and to Grief, on a Tennis Court in Iowa. Here they will tell you why it is important to monitor the grass on the court and what this will lead to.

Sports career

Cressy played his opening match in 2016 at competitions from the Futures series. There he showed character and realized that he could play at the highest level. Perseverance and diligence allowed Maxim not only to become the best tennis player at UCLA, but also to reach a fundamentally new level, forcing him to reckon with himself.

In 2017, he won his first Futures Doubles title with Yugo Amber. During this period, he focused on his studies and therefore predominantly competed in duets. In 2018, he took one after another 8 trophies in smaller series. By December 2018, he ranked 260th in the world popularity of tennis players.

In January 2019, he started the Challenger Series in Columbus. Together with Bernardo Saraivaon, he reached the final. In singles, things were not going very smoothly for Maxim, but by 2019 he was able to climb into the top 200 and soon took the starting single Challenger in Cleveland, beating a player from Denmark Mikael Torpegaard.

In 2020 and 2021, he received an invitation to the main draw of the US Open, where he reached the second round, where he was defeated by Stefanos Tsitsipas, missing the 3rd period. Cressy achieved the same result at the Australian Open in 2021, where he lost to Taro Daniel.

At the beginning of 2022, Cressy is showing an explosive batch of successes. He makes it to the debut final of the ATP tournament, held in Melbourne, goes to the quarterfinals in Sydney. As a result, it goes into the top 70.

Singles performance statistics

Maxime Cressy is one of the few adherents of the serve-and-volley method in the tournament. This style of play is characterized by high speed (for example, the next serve can be stronger than the previous one), a powerful shot and frenzied activity. Cressy’s obvious shortcoming is the high number of misses, which he tries to replace with innings.

Maxime Cressy took part in the final meeting of the ATP only once, where he was defeated by Rafael Nadal from Melbourne. But despite this, during the competition he achieved good results in the ITF, having received two Futures and three Challenger titles in his piggy bank.

Now Maxim Cressy is engaged in a single field, but sometimes he does not ignore double meetings. Tennis coach Billy Martin, who helped him win the 2019 NCAA Doubles Championship with Keegan Smith, is convinced that with his best efforts, Maxim can really reach the No. 1 level in the pair’s category.

The facts speak for themselves. There were 14 finals of the lower categories in the pair, only one meeting was lost to him. Cressy does not have a single tennis partner, at various times he performed in a duet with Martin Joyce, Nicholas Mester, Brendan Holt and other fellow countrymen.