If you still remember (and perhaps, were traumatized by) the bad, old days when you had to carry the bricklike video camera batteries, you will find it lucky that currently, you are no longer dealing with huge, bulky, and non-portable batteries, to say the least. Before the debut of the mini v-mount battery, V-mount system-equipped batteries are dominating the market, but the not-so-tiny problem still exists, and the bulk is still there, restricting you from carrying a battery for your electronic devices without wearing yourself down. Apart from the weight inconvenience, you are not allowed to bring them on a plane, even if you tried.  

Thankfully, the mini V-mount battery revolutionizes power storage short after by combining portability and high storage together! Mini V-mount battery uses the exact same V-shaped wedge plate designed by Sony, and the best part is, the mini, as its name suggests, does not mean the capacity is lower. In fact, the users get almost the required power in a smaller easier-to-carry package, even at a lower price! 

If you are in the market looking for not just any mini battery, but the good one only, then let us guide you on how to identify the best mini V-mount battery when you see one.

5 Features Commonly Shared by All Good Mini V-Mount Batteries

Indeed, with all those batteries promoting their own strengths, all seem to be equally attractive,it can be hard for beginners to pick a suitable one. So, we list out 5 topmost important factors for your reference and consideration in the following passage, and hopefully, guide you to your ideal choice of battery.

  1. Compact and Lightweight 

Under the same capacity, weight and size of the batteries are the most crucial factors. 

A mini V-Mount battery offers both compactness and lightweight, without sacrificing the power storage. For those who mistakenly believe the more capacity a video or camera battery has, the better it is, have you ever tried carrying a battery that leaves your wrists sored and back broken after each shoot? A battery sustaining the power of the devices does not necessarily come at the price of draining the power of its users! Such balance can be easily achieved with a compact and lightweight mini V-mount battery at hand. For example, SmallRig’s VB50 mini V-Mount Battery 3579 is merely 70% of the size of its larger cousins while retaining the same power capacity, thanks to its highly integrated design which takes up less space, making it lighter and more portable!

  1. Efficiency 

Most of the electronic devices support USB-C pairing. Naturally, the battery should be able to plug in with the same port and have a decent fast charge option. You don’t want to delay the shoots for these gentlemen to finish up charging. Don’t forget to make sure that your video camera batteries have an intelligent and highly integrated BMS chip (better with fast charging protocol chip + MCU + voltage boost control) to support a wide range of mainstream fast charging protocols and adaptive voltage boost/adaptive current regulation.

  1. Compatibility

Of course, just because it is named a mini V-mount battery does not mean that it should just stop at the lovely size. Best batteries, including SmallRig mini V Mount Battery 3579 and VB99 mini V Mount Battery 3580, allow various interfaces for high compatibility with multiple devices, not just your video or camera. They also support the camcorder, monitor, wireless video transmitter, video light, and your phone and laptop. Bringing one battery that powers all the equipment is another way to travel light when you need to take outdoor photography or videography.  

  1. Display

See – nobody wants their batteries dying at awkward times, and absolutely not in the middle of a shoot. Apart from ensuring your battery capacity covers your journey days, you also need to constantly keep your battery’s status on a track. A practical OLED display contributes to your frequent check, showing the readings clearly for your regular checking and precise controlling.

  1. Quality and Safety

Lastly, various features only work if the battery has a solid build and is made from premium, built-in and high-capacity lithium-ion cells for maximum efficiency, performance and safety.

Our Best Recommendations

So that is everything s to know about mini V-mount battery, and what to consider when you want the best one. Frankly, you can find numerous options for getting a mini V-mount battery in the market. If you want a quick product recommendation, then SmallRig VB50 mini V Mount Battery 3579 and SmallRig VB99 mini V Mount Battery 3580 are your best shot, as they cover all of the 5 factors mentioned above, and more! Built to provide enormous power and exceptional build quality, they will let you know that there is still a lot of juice to last you the shoot, and offer you the best shooting experience you ever have.

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