Egg donations is a conduit through which couple with fertility issues can build their families and fulfill their dream of having a baby. Egg donation has allowed couples to build families who could not conceive otherwise. Studies suggest that nearly 1.6% of the babies born in the U.S. yearly are born through egg donation and surrogacy.

Finding a suitable match for egg donation can be a daunting task and is regarded as the most challenging part of your IVF journey. However, considering some important factors discussed below will make it easier to choose a perfect donor and ensure that your IVF journey is successful.

How to Choose a Donor For Egg Donation?

You must consider the following factors while choosing a perfect donor for egg donation.

1.    The health of the Donor

Considering your donor’s health is essential to ensure safe pregnancy and the life of your child. So, you must ensure that the donor has a good medical history and hasn’t gone through any diseases.

It is advised to choose a professional donor bank or some reputed medical institution because the history of all egg donors featured in their catalog has been checked, and they fulfill all the criteria set for egg donors. This egg donors database is healthy and suitable for egg donation.

Another important factor to consider while choosing a donor is their blood type. To ensure a healthy pregnancy, the blood type of the donor and the intended parents must be compatible. If this blood type matches, you can rest assured that you have found a perfect donor.

2.    Fresh or Frozen Eggs

The donor selection also depends on the type of donated eggs you get transferred, i.e., fresh or frozen eggs. There are differences between the two since each kind suits certain conditions better regarding egg donation.

Simply put, if you opt for multiple-birth pregnancy, you must consider fresh egg donation. This choice can lead to a bigger family as it increases your chances of bearing more than one child after implantation.

On the flip side, you must opt for a frozen egg donation to get some extra chances of implantation. There is a wide range of options available when you choose egg donors’ frozen eggs, and the cost of frozen eggs is much less than that of fresh ones.

3.    Repeat Donor or First Time?

When choosing a donor for egg donation, you might opt for a donor that has gone through the egg donation process in the past; however, it is not a universal rule. Although an experienced donor is a good option, the material’s quality is more important than the number of egg donations a particular donor has made.

Hence, a repeat donor does not necessarily guarantee increased pregnancy rates. So, you should aim for donor eggs of good quality instead of choosing repeat donors.

4.    Physical Appearance of the Donor

It might appear strange to consider the physical appearance, but it is important. Physical appearance is important because it plays a vital role in deciding your future child’s traits. Bring into consideration the factors you kept in mind while choosing your spouse, and ensure that your donor has as many of all those traits as possible.

The best thing about choosing an egg donor is that it allows you to set up a healthy future for your future child. This is a great advantage that other couples do not get.

5.    Physical Attributes and Lifestyle

Apart from physical characteristics, you must consider other values and beliefs of egg donors. For example, you may consider their religion, heritage, and other views of their life. You may also consider their lifestyle to evaluate if the person is outgoing or reserved. Getting information about these things will help you figure out the right candidate for egg donation.

Final Words

Egg donation allows parents to conceive a child for parents having fertility issues. However, choosing the best donor for egg donation can be a challenging ask. If you consider the above factors, it will become easier to choose the best donor for egg donation and ensure that you conceive the child safely and fulfill your dream of having a baby.