Utilizing social media to grow your business is crucial in today’s world, where online presence is so significant. Facebook is one trendy social media platform that can be helpful for marketing purposes if you’re looking to grow your online business. 

Using Facebook to market your business online is extremely useful, but only if you know how to utilize it properly. So let’s look at the top five Facebook metrics you should be tracking.

Tracking Facebook Metrics To Grow Your Business

If you run a business, social media and Facebook metrics can help grow your online presence, including metrics such as:

  • Most shared posts
  • Most shared content 
  • Tracking your user’s locations
  • Total link clicks
  • Click conversion rates

Most Shared Posts

One Facebook metric that is critical to pay attention to if you’re trying to grow your social media following for a larger marketing pool is the most shared content. You must first add social media metrics to your account to access the most shared content on your page. You can do this by creating a business account for your page or converting your current Facebook page into a business account. 

As soon as you have the metrics dashboard, you will be able to track the content that you create that is the most shared or liked. Tracking the most shared content on your account will help you better understand what your viewers look for when they visit your page. This knowledge can help guide you on how to move forward with creating new content. 

Most Shared Content from Your Blog or Website

Adding a Facebook share code to your blog or website installs a share button that enables your visitors to share your content on Facebook straight from your website. It also provides essential data about what articles or content on your site is shared most, giving you insight into what types of content your audience responds to and is most likely to engage with. 

Although Facebook is a popular social media platform, it isn’t the only one. If you have other social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can add social share buttons for these social media profiles, as well. 

The internet is like a funnel; people follow links to get closer to the content they seek. To reach the highest audience possible, it’s crucial to have multiple social media accounts – the more links to your page, the better. So, adding the Facebook share button and other social share buttons will help you achieve that goal. 

Track Where Your Users Are Coming From

Another Facebook metric you should be tracking if you’re trying to grow your online business accounts is the places your users are coming from. This doesn’t just mean which social media sites they find you on, as mentioned previously, but where they physically live. 

Knowing what countries and areas of the world your followers reside in will help you better understand your audience. Understanding your audience is critical while you grow your business because the more you know them, the easier it will be to relate to them. 

Create content specifically tailored to meet the needs and interests of your followers to retain your current followers while also adding new ones. 

Total Link Clicks

It’s no secret that clicking the link you provide is the most beneficial thing a user can do for you. So, tracking the total link clicks each of your posts receives is a great way to see which posts were successful and which were not. 

Total link clicks will also give you a clearer vision of your posts’ popularity and if there is a big difference between one type of content and the other. In some cases, the content that generates the most clicks is not far behind the rest of your content, so seeing the difference between them is important. 

Click Conversion Rates

Suppose your sole purpose of social media is to market your business or product. In that case, you want those coveted link clicks to ultimately convert to action. For instance, if you have a link that leads to a blog post promoting a product, you want to see how many of those readers ended up converting and purchasing your product or subscribing to your content. 

Click conversion rates will help you understand which “calls to action” work and which aren’t as efficient. 


Knowing which Facebook metrics to track and how to track them effectively is important for business owners if they want to grow their social media audience. Social media is free marketing (unless you’re using paid social media ads), so utilize this opportunity to gain a larger audience and learn how to use Facebook to grow your business and reach your goals.